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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Jan-2016Across-the-board spending cuts are very inefficient: A proofKreinovich V.; Kosheleva O.; Nguyen H.; Sriboonchitta S.
1-Jan-2016Bayesian approach to intelligent control and its relation to fuzzy controlZhu K.; Kosheleva O.; Kreinovich V.
1-Jan-2012Computing statistics under interval and fuzzy uncertainty: Applications to computer science and engineeringNguyen H.; Kreinovich V.; Wu B.; Xiang G.
1-Jan-2015Diversity is beneficial for a research group: One more quantitative argumentSuriya K.; Sudtasan T.; Wang T.; Lerma O.; Kreinovich V.
-Econometric models of probabilistic choice: beyond mcfadden’s formulasKosheleva O.; Kreinovich V.; Sriboonchitta S.
1-Jan-2016Empirically successful transformations from non-gaussian to close-to-gaussian distributions: Theoretical justificationDumrongpokaphan T.; Barragan P.; Kreinovich V.
1-Mar-2016Fifty Years of Fuzzy Sets: Contributions to Fuzzy Theory (Preface to the Special Issue)Nguyen H.; Kreinovich V.
1-Jan-2017For multi-interval-valued fuzzy sets, centroid defuzzification is equivalent to defuzzifying its interval hull: A theoremKreinovich V.; Sriboonchitta S.
1-Jan-2015From mean and median income to the most adequateway of taking inequality into accountKreinovich V.; Nguyen H.; Nguyen H.; Ouncharoen R.
2014How to detect linear dependence on the copula level?Kreinovich V.; Nguyen H.T.; Sriboonchitta S.
-How to explain ubiquity of constant elasticity of substitution (CES) production and utility functions without explicitly postulating CESKosheleva O.; Kreinovich V.; Dumrongpokaphan T.
2014How to fully represent expert information about imprecise properties in a computer system: random sets, fuzzy sets, and beyond: an overviewNguyen H.T.; Kreinovich V.
-How to make plausibility-based forecasting more accurateZhu K.; Thianpaen N.; Kreinovich V.
1-Jan-2016How to select an appropriate similarity measure: Towards a symmetry-based approachBatyrshin I.; Dumrongpokaphan T.; Kreinovich V.; Kosheleva O.
1-Jan-2016Invariance explains multiplicative and exponential skedactic functionsKreinovich V.; Kosheleva O.; Nguyen H.; Sriboonchitta S.
7-Nov-2016Membership functions representing a number vs. representing a set: Proof of unique reconstructionNguyen H.; Kreinovich V.; Kosheleva O.
1-Jan-2017Metric spaces under interval uncertainty: Towards an adequate definitionAfravi M.; Kreinovich V.; Dumrongpokaphoan T.
1-Jan-2017Modeling extremal events is not easy: Why the extreme value theorem cannot be as general as the central limit theoremKreinovich V.; Nguyen H.; Sriboonchitta S.; Kosheleva O.
1-Mar-2016Need for Data Processing Naturally Leads to Fuzzy Logic (and Neural Networks): Fuzzy beyond Experts and beyond ProbabilitiesKreinovich V.; Nguyen H.; Sriboonchitta S.
1-Jan-2016Need for most accurate discrete approximations explains effectiveness of statistical methods based on heavy-tailed distributionsSriboonchitta S.; Kreinovich V.; Kosheleva O.; Nguyen H.