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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Nov-2016Conjugate hemisphere ionospheric response to the St. Patrick's Day storms of 2013 and 2015 in the 100°E longitude sectorKalita B.; Hazarika R.; Kakoti G.; Bhuyan P.; Chakrabarty D.; Seemala G.; Wang K.; Sharma S.; Yokoyama T.; Supnithi P.; Komolmis T.; Yatini C.; Le Huy M.; Roy P.
2006Detection of ruptures of Andaman fault segments in the 2004 great Sumatra earthquake with coseismic ionospheric disturbancesHeki K.; Otsuka Y.; Choosakul N.; Hemmakorn N.; Komolmis T.; Maruyama T.
5Equatorial and low-latitude ionospheric response to the 17–18 March 2015 great storm over Southeast Asia longitude sectorJiang C.; Yang G.; Liu J.; Yokoyama T.; Liu T.; Lan T.; Zhou C.; Zhang Y.; Zhao Z.; Komolmis T.; Supnithi P.; Yatini C.
1-Dec-2016Ionosonde observations of daytime spread F at low latitudesJiang C.; Yang G.; Liu J.; Yokoyama T.; Komolmis T.; Song H.; Lan T.; Zhou C.; Zhang Y.; Zhao Z.
2Ionospheric peak height at the magnetic equator: Comparison between ionosonde measurements and IRIMaruyama T.; Ma G.; Tsugawa T.; Supnithi P.; Komolmis T.
1-Apr-2016Latitudinal variation of the specific local time of postmidnight enhancement peaks in F layer electron density at low latitudes: A case studyJiang C.; Deng C.; Yang G.; Liu J.; Zhu P.; Yokoyama T.; Song H.; Lan T.; Zhou C.; Wu X.; Zhang Y.; Zhao Z.; Komolmis T.; Supnithi P.; Yatini C.
2007Low latitude ionosphere-thermosphere dynamics studies with inosonde chain in Southeast AsiaMaruyama T.; Kawamura M.; Saito S.; Nozaki K.; Kato H.; Hemmakorn N.; Boonchuk T.; Komolmis T.; Ha Duyen C.
1Measurement of thermospheric temperatures using OMTI Fabry-Perot interferometers with 70-mm etalonNakamura Y.; Shiokawa K.; Otsuka Y.; Oyama S.; Nozawa S.; Komolmis T.; Komonjida S.; Neudegg D.; Yuile C.; Meriwether J.; Shinagawa H.; Jin H.
2003A modelling of ionospheric delay over Chiang Mai provinceSuwantragul S.; Rakariyatham P.; Komolmis T.; Scmg-In A.
6-Sep-2016Solving asymmetric link problems in WSNs using site Link Quality Estimators and dual-tree topologyPengwon K.; Komolmis T.; Champrasert P.