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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
7Anti-inflammatory effect of methanol extracts of hemp leaf in IL-1β-induced synovitisDuangnin N.; Klangjorhor J.; Tipparat P.; Pinmanee S.; Phitak T.; Pothacharoen P.; Kongtawelert P.
28-Dec-2014Comparison of growth factor adsorbed scaffold and conventional scaffold with growth factor supplemented media for primary human articular chondrocyte 3D cultureKlangjorhor J.; Phitak T.; Pruksakorn D.; Pothacharoen P.; Kongtawelert P.
-Exploring targeted therapy of osteosarcoma using proteomics dataChaiyawat P.; Settakorn J.; Sangsin A.; Teeyakasem P.; Klangjorhor J.; Soongkhaw A.; Pruksakorn D.
19-Dec-2012Hyaluronan production and chondrogenic properties of primary human chondrocyte on gelatin based hematostatic spongostan scaffoldKlangjorhor J.; Nimkingratana P.; Settakorn J.; Pruksakorn D.; Leerapun T.; Arpornchayanon O.; Rojanasthien S.; Kongtawelert P.; Pothacharoen P.
1Level and distribution of secreted and cell-associated N-acetyl, N-glycolylneuraminic, and deaminoneuraminic acids in osteosarcoma cells isolated from patientsPhitak T.; Klangjorhor J.; Pothacharoen P.; Pruksakorn D.; Kongtawelert P.
1-Sep-2016Overexpression of KH-type splicing regulatory protein regulates proliferation, migration, and implantation ability of osteosarcomaPruksakorn D.; Teeyakasem P.; Klangjorhor J.; Chaiyawat P.; Settakorn J.; Diskul-Na-Ayudthaya P.; Chokchaichamnankit D.; Pothacharoen P.; Srisomsap C.
1-Jan-2016Prevalence and survival patterns of patients with bone metastasis from common cancers in ThailandPhanphaisarn A.; Patumanond J.; Settakorn J.; Chaiyawat P.; Klangjorhor J.; Pruksakorn D.