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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2006An aqueous film-coating formulation based on sodium carboxymethyl mungbean starchKittipongpatana O.S.; Chaichanasak N.; Kanchongkittipoan S.; Panturat A.; Taekanmark T.; Kittipongpatana N.
2009Carboxymethyl mungbean starch as a new pharmaceutical gelling agent for topical preparationKittipongpatana O.S.; Burapadaja S.; Kittipongpatana N.
2002Methyl jasmonate increases the production of valepotriates by transformed root cultures of Valerianella locustaKittipongpatana N.; Davis D.L.; Porter J.R.
2007Physicochemical and pharmaceutical properties of carboxymethyl rice starches modified from native starches with different amylose contentKittipongpatana O.S.; Chaitep W.; Kittipongpatana N.; Laenger R.; Sriroth K.
2010Physicochemical and pharmaceutical properties of cross-linked carboxymethyl rice starch prepared by a simultaneous dual reactionKittipongpatana O.S.; Chaitep W.; Kittipongpatana N.
2013Physicochemical, in vitro digestibility and functional properties of carboxymethyl rice starch cross-linked with epichlorohydrinKittipongpatana O.S.; Kittipongpatana N.
2011Preparation and physicochemical properties of modified jackfruit starchesKittipongpatana O.S.; Kittipongpatana N.
-Preparation and physicomechanical properties of co-precipitated rice starch-colloidal silicon dioxideKittipongpatana O.S.; Kittipongpatana N.
2011Preparation of cross-linked carboxymethyl jackfruit starch and evaluation as a tablet disintegrantKittipongpatana N.; Janta S.; Kittipongpatana O.