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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
27-Jan-2016Asian expert recommendation on management of skin and mucosal effects of radiation, with or without the addition of cetuximab or chemotherapy, in treatment of head and neck squamous cell carcinomaZhu G.; Lin J.; Kim S.; Bernier J.; Agarwal J.; Vermorken J.; Thinh D.; Cheng H.; Yun H.; Chitapanarux I.; Lertsanguansinchai P.; Reddy V.; He X.
1-Oct-2011Clinical and testing protocols for the analysis of epidermal growth factor receptor mutations in East Asian patients with non-small cell lung cancer: A combined clinical-molecular pathological approachSalto-Tellez M.; Tsao M.; Shih J.; Thongprasert S.; Lu S.; Chang G.; Au J.; Chou T.; Lee J.; Shi Y.; Radzi A.; Kang J.; Kim S.; Tan S.; Yang J.
1-Jan-2016Combined effect of calcium chloride and modified atmosphere packaging on texture and quality of minimally-processed litchi fruitPunumong P.; Sangsuwan J.; Kim S.; Rattanapanone N.
2004Cross-cultural comparison of workplace stressors, ways of coping and demographic characteristics as predictors of physical and mental health among hospital nurses in Japan, Thailand, South Korea and the USA (Hawaii)Lambert V.A.; Lambert C.E.; Itano J.; Inouye J.; Kim S.; Kuniviktikul W.; Sitthimongkol Y.; Pongthavornkamol K.; Gasemgitvattana S.; Ito M.
1-Jan-2016Identification of antioxidants in Lamiaceae vegetables by HPLC-ABTS and HPLC-MSPrommajak T.; Kim S.; Pan C.; Kim S.; Surawang S.; Rattanapanone N.
2009Mapping human genetic diversity in AsiaAbdulla M.A.; Ahmed I.; Assawamakin A.; Bhak J.; Brahmachari S.K.; Calacal G.C.; Chaurasia A.; Chen C.-H.; Chen J.; Chen Y.-T.; Chu J.; Cutiongco-de La Paz E.M.C.; De Ungria M.C.A.; Delfin F.C.; Edo J.; Fuchareon S.; Ghang H.; Gojobori T.; Han J.; Ho S.-F.; Hoh B.P.; Huang W.; Inoko H.; Jha P.; Jinam T.A.; Jin L.; Jung J.; Kangwanpong D.; Kampuansai J.; Kennedy G.C.; Khurana P.; Kim H.-L.; Kim K.; Kim S.; Kim W.-Y.; Kimm K.; Kimura R.; Koike T.; Kulawonganunchai S.; Kumar V.; Lai P.S.; Lee J.-Y.; Lee S.; Liu E.T.; Majumder P.P.; Mandapati K.K.; Marzuki S.; Mitchell W.; Mukerji M.; Naritomi K.; Ngamphiw C.; Niikawa N.; Nishida N.; Oh B.; Oh S.; Ohashi J.; Oka A.; Ong R.; Padilla C.D.; Palittapongarnpim P.; Perdigon H.B.; Phipps M.E.; Png E.; Sakaki Y.; Salvador J.M.; Sandraling Y.; Scaria V.; Seielstad M.; Sidek M.R.; Sinha A.; Srikummool M.; Sudoyo H.; Sugano S.; Suryadi H.; Suzuki Y.; Tabbada K.A.; Tan A.; Tokunaga K.; Tongsima S.; Villamor L.P.; Wang E.; Wang Y.; Wang H.; Wu J.-Y.; Xiao H.; Xu S.; Yang J.O.; Shugart Y.Y.; Yoo H.-S.; Yuan W.; Zhao G.; Zilfalil B.A.
1-Jan-2015Prediction of antioxidant capacity of Thai indigenous plant extracts by proton nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopyPrommajak T.; Kim S.; Pan C.; Kim S.; Surawang S.; Rattanapanone N.; Rattanapanone N.
28-Aug-2011Selective sequestration of carboxylic acids from biomass fermentation by surface-functionalized mesoporous silica nanoparticlesKim S.; Huang Y.; Sawatdeenarunat C.; Sung S.; Lin V.
1-Dec-2016The Improvement of Texture and Quality of Minimally Processed Litchi Fruit Using Various Calcium SaltsPhanumong P.; Sangsuwan J.; Kim S.; Rattanapanone N.