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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Jan-2017Accuracy of cone beam computed tomography for dental implant treatment planningKhongkhunthian P.; Jomjunyong K.; Reichart P.
2001Aspergillosis of the maxillary sinus as a complication of overfilling root canal material into the sinus: Report of two casesKhongkhunthian P.
2Comparative Clinical Study of Conventional Dental Implants and Mini Dental Implants for Mandibular Overdentures: A Randomized Clinical TrialAunmeungtong W.; Kumchai T.; Strietzel F.; Reichart P.; Khongkhunthian P.
1-Jan-2015Comparative study of torque resistance and microgaps between a combined Octatorx-cone connection and an internal hexagon implant-abutment connectionKhongkhunthian P.; Khongkhunthian S.; Weerawatprachya W.; Pongpat K.; Aunmeungtong W.
1-May-2016Dental implants in patients with oral mucosal diseases - a systematic reviewReichart P.; Schmidt-Westhausen A.; Khongkhunthian P.; Strietzel F.
1-Jun-2016Ebola virus disease: any risk for oral and maxillo-facial surgery? An overviewReichart P.; Gelderblom H.; Khongkhunthian P.; Schmidt-Westhausen A.
2-Sep-2016Effects of different numbers of mini-dental implants on alveolar ridge strain distribution under mandibular implant-retained overdenturesWarin P.; Rungsiyakull P.; Rungsiyakull C.; Khongkhunthian P.
2007Facial and dental characteristics of Padaung women (long-neck Karen) wearing brass neck coils in Mae Hong Son Province, ThailandChawanaputorn D.; Patanaporn V.; Malikaew P.; Khongkhunthian P.; Reichart P.A.
6Immunoprofile of the adenomatoid odontogenic tumorReichart P.; Philipsen H.; Khongkhunthian P.; Sciubba J.
2003Oral manifestations in HIV-infected individuals from Thailand and CambodiaReichart P.A.; Khongkhunthian P.; Bendick C.
1-Oct-2016Removal torque evaluation of three different abutment screws for single implant restorations after mechanical cyclic loadingPaepoemsin T.; Reichart P.; Chaijareenont P.; Strietzel F.; Khongkhunthian P.
1-Oct-2016Stress and strain distribution in three different mini dental implant designs using in implant retained overdenture: A finite element analysis studyAunmeungtong W.; Khongkhunthian P.; Rungsiyakull P.