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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Oct-2020Effect of antioxidant/reducing agents on the initial and long-term bonding performance of a self-etch adhesive to caries-affected dentin with and without smear layer-deproteinizingTaweesak Prasansuttiporn; Ornnicha Thanatvarakorn; Teerapong Mamanee; Keiichi Hosaka; Junji Tagami; Richard M. Foxton; Masatoshi Nakajima
1-Jan-2017The effect of five kinds of surface treatment agents on the bond strength to various ceramics with thermocycle agingYukari Noda; Masatoshi Nakajima; Masahiro Takahashi; Teerapong Mamanee; Keiichi Hosaka; Tomohiro Takagaki; Masaomi Ikeda; Richard M. Foxton; Junji Tagami
1-Jan-2018Effect of water aging of adherend composite on repair bond strength of nanofilled compositesDaiki Nagano; Masatoshi Nakajima; Masahiro Takahashi; Masaomi Ikedad; Keiichi Hosaka; Kento Sato; Taweesak Prasansuttiporn; Richard M. Foxton; Junji Tagami
1-Jan-2019The repair bond strength to resin matrix in cured resin composites after water agingDhaifallah Alqarni; Masatoshi Nakajima; Keiichi Hosaka; Kurumi Ide; Daiki Nagano; Takehiro Wada; Masaomi Ikeda; Teerapong Mamanee; Ornnicha Thanatvarakorn; Taweesak Prasansuttiporn; Richard Foxton; Junji Tagami
1-Mar-2018Smear layer-deproteinizing improves bonding of one-step self-etch adhesives to dentinOrnnicha Thanatvarakorn; Taweesak Prasansuttiporn; Suppason Thittaweerat; Richard M. Foxton; Shizuko Ichinose; Junji Tagami; Keiichi Hosaka; Masatoshi Nakajima
1-Jan-2018The strategies used for curing universal adhesives affect the micro-bond strength of resin cement used to lute indirect resin composites to human dentinDaisuke Araoka; Keiichi Hosaka; Masatoshi Nakajima; Richard Foxton; Ornnicha Thanatvarakorn; Taweesak Prasansuttiporn; Ayaka Chiba; Kento Sato; Masahiro Takahashi; Masayuki Otsuki; Junji Tagami