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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Jan-2005Control of postharvest diseases in longan fruit by ozoneK. Whangchai; K. Saengnil; J. Uthaibutra
24-Dec-2009Control of rotting and browning of Longan fruit cv. Biew Kiew after harvested by sulphur dioxide treatment under various storage temperaturesW. Chitbanchong; V. Sardsud; K. Whangchai; R. Koslanund; P. Thobunluepop
1-Apr-2010Effect of electrolyzed oxidizing water and continuous ozone exposure on the control of Penicillium digitatum on tangerine cv. 'Sai Nam Pung' during storageK. Whangchai; K. Saengnil; C. Singkamanee; J. Uthaibutra
1-Dec-2011Effect of ozone and vapor phase hydrogen peroxide fumigation on the control of postharvest diseases of longan fruit (Dimocarpus longan lour.)K. Whangchai; N. Nuanaon; J. Uthaibutra
1-Aug-2006Effect of ozone in combination with some organic acids on the control of postharvest decay and pericarp browning of longan fruitK. Whangchai; K. Saengnil; J. Uthaibutra
1-Jan-2017Effect of ozone microbubbles and ultrasonic irradiation on pesticide detoxification in tangerine cv. Sai Nam PungK. Whangchai; J. Uthaibutra; N. Nuanaon; H. Aoyagi
1-Dec-2011Effect of ozone on oxidative stress defense enzymes and quality changes in tangerine (Citrus reticulata blanco cv. Sai Nam Pung) fruitP. Boonkorn; H. Gemma; S. Sugaya; S. Setha; J. Uthaibutra; K. Whangchai
29-Oct-2010Effect of ozone on the reduction of pesticide residue in baby corn (Zea mays L.)K. Whangchai; W. Saetung; J. Uthaibutra; S. Phiyanalinmat; S. Pengphol
1-May-2011Effect of ozone treatment on the reduction of chlorpyrifos residues in fresh lychee fruitsK. Whangchai; J. Uthaibutra; S. Phiyanalinmat; S. Pengphol; N. Nomura
31-Jan-2013Effects of NaCl concentration, electrolysis time, and electric potential on efficiency of electrolyzed oxidizing water on the mortality of Penicillium digitatum in suspensionK. Whangchai; J. Uthaibutra; S. Phiyanalinmat
4-Apr-2018Efficiency of preharvest calcium-boron application in improving quality and reducing enzyme activity of pectin methylesterase and polygalacturonase in postharvest of ‘Mahachanok’ mangoR. Muengkaew; K. Whangchai; P. Chaiprasart
1-May-2012Impact of high-dose, short periods of ozone exposure on green mold and antioxidant enzyme activity of tangerine fruitP. Boonkorn; H. Gemma; S. Sugaya; S. Setha; J. Uthaibutra; K. Whangchai
1-Jan-2017Inactivation of Escherichia coli O157: H7 by treatment with different temperatures of micro-bubbles ozone containing waterA. Chuajedton; H. Aoyagi; J. Uthaibutra; S. Pengphol; K. Whangchai
30-Jun-2015Ozone microbubbles disinfection technique to inactivate penicillium digitatum in suspensionA. Chuajedton; N. Nuanaon; J. Uthaibutra; K. Whangchai
30-Jun-2015Photocatalysis of titanium dioxide to decompose pesticide ethion in tangerine fruitS. Hassarangsee; S. Chantara; K. Whangchai; J. Uthaibutra
1-Dec-2011Reduction of residual chlorpyrifos on harvested bird chillies (Capsicum frutescens Linn.) using ultrasonication and ozonationS. Pengphol; J. Uthaibutra; O. A. Arquero; N. Nomura; K. Whangchai
1-Jan-2009Use of electrolyzed oxidizing water to control postharvest disease during storage of tangerine cv. 'Sai Nam Pung'K. Whangchai; K. Saengnil; J. Uthaibutra; C. Singkamanee
1-Dec-2013Using electrolyzed oxidizing water combined with an ultrasonic wave on the postharvest diseases control of pineapple fruit cv. 'Phu Lae'S. Khayankarn; J. Uthaibutra; S. Setha; K. Whangchai