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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Jan-2008Arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi - an underground resource for sustainable upland agricultureN. Yimyam; S. Youpensuk; J. Wongmo; A. Kongpan; B. Rerkasem; K. Rerkasem
1-Jun-2019Can postoperative st-segment change and blood pressure variability predict short-term mortality in patients following major vascular surgery?A. Liwatthanakun; A. Phrommintikul; O. Pongtam; K. Kulprachakarn; K. Rerkasem
1-Mar-2007The development and application of diabetic foot protocol in Chiang Mai University Hospital with an aim to reduce lower extremity amputation in Thai population: A preliminary communicationK. Rerkasem; N. Kosachunhanun; S. Tongprasert; K. Khwanngern; A. Matanasarawoot; C. Thongchai; K. Chimplee; S. Buranapin; S. Chaisrisawadisuk; A. Manklabruks
1-May-2011History of foot ulcers increases mortality among patients with diabetes in Northern ThailandS. Junrungsee; N. Kosachunhanun; A. Wongthanee; K. Rerkasem
1-Apr-2010Meta-analysis of small randomized controlled trials in surgery may be unreliableK. Rerkasem; P. M. Rothwell
1-Sep-2005Mini-laparotomy for repair of infrarenal abdominal aortic aneurysmK. Laohapensang; K. Rerkasem; N. Chotirosniramit
1-Sep-2009A multidisciplinary diabetic foot protocol at chiang mai university hospital: Cost and quality of lifeK. Rerkasem; N. Kosachunhanun; S. Tongprasert; K. Guntawongwan
1-Jan-2018Peripheral artery disease in HIV-infected older adults on antiretroviral treatment in ThailandL. Aurpibul; P. Sugandhavesa; K. Srithanaviboonchai; W. Sitthi; A. Tangmunkongvorakul; C. Chariyalertsak; K. Rerkasem
1-Jun-2006Prognostic factors of leg amputation in patients with vascular injury: A systematic reviewK. Rerkasem; S. Arworn; K. Thepmalai
1-Jan-2015Society for vascular surgery and American Venous Forum Guidelines on the management of venous leg ulcers: The point of view of the International Union of PhlebologyG. Mosti; M. De Maeseneer; A. Cavezzi; K. Parsi; N. Morrison; O. Nelzen; E. Rabe; H. Partsch; A. Caggiati; M. Simka; A. Obermayer; M. Malouf; M. Flour; O. Maleti; M. Perrin; L. Reina; E. Kalodiki; F. Mannello; K. Rerkasem; A. Cornu-Thenard; Y. W. Chi; M. Soloviy; O. Bottini; N. Mendyk; L. Tessari; R. Varghese; R. Etcheverry; F. Pannier; M. Lugli; A. J. Carvallo Lantz; P. Zamboni; M. Zuolo; M. F.G. Godoy; J. M.P. Godoy; D. P. Link; M. Junger; A. Scuderi
1-Jun-2005A systematic review of randomized controlled trials of different types of patch materials during carotid endarterectomyR. Bond; K. Rerkasem; A. R. Naylor; P. M. Rothwell
1-Aug-2005Systematic review of randomized controlled trials of patch angioplasty versus primary closure during carotid endarterectomyR. Bond; K. Rerkasem; A. R. Naylor; A. F. Abu Rahma; P. M. Rothwell
1-Jul-2005A systematic review of the associations between age and sex and the operative risks of carotid endarterectomyR. Bond; K. Rerkasem; R. Cuffe; P. M. Rothwell
1-Jun-2019Thoracic central venous occlusion in patients without history of central vein catheterizationK. Thanu; T. Srisuwan; K. Kulprachakarn; S. Pongtam; S. Saengyo; K. Rerkasem
1-Dec-2005Venous insufficiency due to chronic traumatic arteriovenous fistula: Two case reportsK. Rerkasem