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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Mar-2013Anatomical variations of the saphenous and descending genicular artery perforators: Cadaveric study and clinical implications for vascular flapsKanit Sananpanich; Pichitchai Atthakomol; Sirichai Luevitoonvechkij; Jirachart Kraisarin
21-Nov-2017Biomechanical study of isolated radial head dislocationNaoki Hayami; Shohei Omokawa; Akio Iida; Jirachart Kraisarin; Hisao Moritomo; Pasuk Mahakkanukrauh; Takamasa Shimizu; Kenji Kawamura; Yasuhito Tanaka
1-Oct-2018Double Motor Nerve Transfer for All Finger Flexion in Cervical Spinal Cord Injury: An Anatomical Study and a Clinical ReportKanit Sananpanich; Jirachart Kraisarin; Wuttipong Siriwittayakorn; Siam Tongprasert; Songkiet Suwansirikul
1-Nov-2019Effect of soft tissue injury and ulnar angulation on radial head instability in a Bado type I Monteggia fracture modelNaoki Hayami; Shohei Omokawa; Akio Iida; Tsutomu Kira; Hisao Moritomo; Pasuk Mahakkanukrauh; Jirachart Kraisarin; Takamasa Shimizu; Kenji Kawamura; Yasuhito Tanaka
1-Oct-2008Flow-through anterolateral thigh flap for simultaneous soft tissue and long vascular gap reconstruction in extremity injuries: Anatomical study and case reportKanit Sananpanich; Yuan Kun Tu; Jirachart Kraisarin; Preecha Chalidapong
1-Mar-2017Impact of Distal Ulnar Fracture Malunion on Distal Radioulnar Joint Instability: A Biomechanical Study of the Distal Interosseous Membrane Using a Cadaver ModelSatoshi Miyamura; Atsuo Shigi; Jirachart Kraisarin; Shohei Omokawa; Tsuyoshi Murase; Hideki Yoshikawa; Hisao Moritomo
1-Jan-2008Reconstruction of limb soft-tissue defects: using pedicle perforator flaps with preservation of major vessels, a report of 45 casesKanit Sanapanichan; Yuan Kun Tu; Jirachart Kraisarin; Preecha Chalidapong