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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Jan-2017A family level rDNA based phylogeny of cucurbitariaceae and fenestellaceae with descriptions of new fenestella species and neocucurbitaria gen. nov.Wanasinghe D.; Phookamsak R.; Jeewon R.; Li W.; Hyde K.; Jones E.; Camporesi E.; Promputtha I.
2006DGGE coupled with ribosomal DNA gene phylogenies reveal uncharacterized fungal phylotypesDuong L.M.; Jeewon R.; Lumyong S.; Hyde K.D.
2004Emarcea castanopsidicola gen. et sp. nov. from Thailand, a new xylariaceous taxon based on morphology and DNA sequencesDuong L.M.; Lumyong S.; Hyde K.D.; Jeewon R.
1-Jul-2016Families of SordariomycetesMaharachchikumbura S.; Hyde K.; Jones E.; McKenzie E.; Bhat J.; Dayarathne M.; Huang S.; Norphanphoun C.; Senanayake I.; Perera R.; Shang Q.; Xiao Y.; D’souza M.; Hongsanan S.; Jayawardena R.; Daranagama D.; Konta S.; Goonasekara I.; Zhuang W.; Jeewon R.; Phillips A.; Abdel-Wahab M.; Al-Sadi A.; Bahkali A.; Boonmee S.; Boonyuen N.; Cheewangkoon R.; Dissanayake A.; Kang J.; Li Q.; Liu J.; Liu X.; Liu Z.; Luangsa-ard J.; Pang K.; Phookamsak R.; Promputtha I.; Suetrong S.; Stadler M.; Wen T.; Wijayawardene N.
2006The family Pleosporaceae: Intergeneric relationships and phylogenetic perspectives based on sequence analyses of partial 28S rDNAKodsueb R.; Dhanasekaran V.; Aptroot A.; Lumyong S.; McKenzie E.H.C.; Hyde K.D.; Jeewon R.
1-Sep-2016Fungal diversity notes 367–490: taxonomic and phylogenetic contributions to fungal taxaHyde K.; Hongsanan S.; Jeewon R.; Bhat D.; McKenzie E.; Jones E.; Phookamsak R.; Ariyawansa H.; Boonmee S.; Zhao Q.; Abdel-Aziz F.; Abdel-Wahab M.; Banmai S.; Chomnunti P.; Cui B.; Daranagama D.; Das K.; Dayarathne M.; de Silva N.; Dissanayake A.; Doilom M.; Ekanayaka A.; Gibertoni T.; Góes-Neto A.; Huang S.; Jayasiri S.; Jayawardena R.; Konta S.; Lee H.; Li W.; Lin C.; Liu J.; Lu Y.; Luo Z.; Manawasinghe I.; Manimohan P.; Mapook A.; Niskanen T.; Norphanphoun C.; Papizadeh M.; Perera R.; Phukhamsakda C.; Richter C.; André A.; Drechsler-Santos E.; Senanayake I.; Tanaka K.; Tennakoon T.; Thambugala K.; Tian Q.; Tibpromma S.; Thongbai B.; Vizzini A.; Wanasinghe D.; Wijayawardene N.; Wu H.; Yang J.; Zeng X.; Zhang H.
1Fungal diversity notes 491–602: taxonomic and phylogenetic contributions to fungal taxaTibpromma S.; Hyde K.; Jeewon R.; Maharachchikumbura S.; Liu J.; Bhat D.; Jones E.; McKenzie E.; Camporesi E.; Bulgakov T.; Doilom M.; de Azevedo Santiago A.; Das K.; Manimohan P.; Gibertoni T.; Lim Y.; Ekanayaka A.; Thongbai B.; Lee H.; Yang J.; Kirk P.; Sysouphanthong P.; Singh S.; Boonmee S.; Dong W.; Raj K.; Latha K.; Phookamsak R.; Phukhamsakda C.; Konta S.; Jayasiri S.; Norphanphoun C.; Tennakoon D.; Li J.; Dayarathne M.; Perera R.; Xiao Y.; Wanasinghe D.; Senanayake I.; Goonasekara I.; de Silva N.; Mapook A.; Jayawardena R.; Dissanayake A.; Manawasinghe I.; Chethana K.; Luo Z.
2006The genus Oxydothis: New palmicolous taxa and phylogenetic relationships within the XylarialesHidayat I.; Jeewon R.; To-Anun C.; Hyde K.D.
2009Molecular diversity of myxomycetes associated with decaying wood and forest floor leaf litterKo T.W.K.; Stephenson S.L.; Jeewon R.; Lumyong S.; Hyde K.D.
2009Molecular phylogeny of Magnaporthaceae (Sordariomycetes) with a new species Ophioceras chiangdaoense from Dracaena loureiroi in ThailandThongkantha S.; Jeewon R.; Vijaykrishna D.; Lumyong S.; McKenzie E.H.C.; Hyde K.D.
2007Morphological and molecular characterization of Aquaticheirospora and phylogenetics of Massarinaceae (Pleosporales)Kodsueb R.; Lumyong S.; Ho W.H.; Hyde K.D.; Mckenzie E.H.C.; Jeewon R.
2Morphological characterization and DNA based taxonomy of Fusiconidium gen. Nov. with two novel taxa within melanommataceae (Pleosporales)Li J.; Jeewon R.; Luo Z.; Phookamsak R.; Bhat D.; Mapook A.; Phukhamsakda C.; Camporesi E.; Lumyong S.; Hyde K.
2007Morphotaxonomy and phylogeny of Paoayensis lignicola gen. et sp. nov. (ascomycetes) from submerged wood in Paoay Lake, Ilocos Norte, the PhilippinesCabanela M.V.; Jeewon R.; Hyde K.D.
2006Neolinocarpon penniseti sp. nov. on the grass Pennisetum purpureum (Poaceae)Bhilabutra W.; Lumyong S.; Jeewon R.; McKenzie E.H.C.; Hyde K.D.
2007A phylogenetic evaluation of whether endophytes become saprotrophs at host senescencePromputtha I.; Lumyong S.; Dhanasekaran V.; McKenzie E.H.C.; Hyde K.D.; Jeewon R.
2005Ribosomal DNA fingerprinting in the identification of non sporulating endophytes from Magnolia liliifera (Magnoliaceae)Promputtha I.; Jeewon R.; Lumyong S.; McKenzie E.H.C.; Hyde K.D.
1-Dec-2016Taxonomic Rearrangement of Anthostomella (Xylariaceae) Based on a Multigene Phylogeny and MorphologyDaranagama D.; Camporesi E.; Jeewon R.; Liu X.; Stadler M.; Lumyong S.; Hyde K.
1The ranking of fungi: a tribute to David L. Hawksworth on his 70th birthdayHyde K.; Maharachchikumbura S.; Hongsanan S.; Samarakoon M.; Lücking R.; Pem D.; Harishchandra D.; Jeewon R.; Zhao R.; Xu J.; Liu J.; Al-Sadi A.; Bahkali A.; Elgorban A.