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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-May-2015Applications of everyday IT and communications devices in modern analytical chemistry: A reviewGrudpan,K.; Kolev,S.D.; Lapanantnopakhun,S.; McKelvie,I.D.; Wongwilai,W.
15-Jan-2015Conductometric determination of ammonium ion with a mobile dropJaikang,P.; Grudpan,K.; Kanyanee,T.
1-Sep-2012Diphenylmaleimide derivatives and their efficiency in off-on Hg2 fluorometric sensingWainiphithapong,C.; Hanmeng,O.; Lee,V.S.; Grudpan,K.; Wanichacheva,N.
1-Feb-2013Hg2+-induced self-assembly of a naphthalimide derivative by selective turn-on monomer/excimer emissionsWanichacheva,N.; Prapawattanapol,N.; Sanghiran Lee,V.; Grudpan,K.; Petsom,A.
1-Jan-2014Hydrodynamic sequential injection with stopped-flow procedure for consecutive determination of phosphate and silicate in wastewaterSomnam,S.; Motomizu,S.; Grudpan,K.; Jakmunee,J.
1-Aug-2012Sequential Injection Chromatography as Alternative Procedure for the Determination of Some Food PreservativesJangbai,W.; Wongwilai,W.; Grudpan,K.; Lapanantnoppakhun,S.
1-Jan-2014Sorption isotherms of new types of zeolites and soils for some heavy metalsZin,M.; Grudpan,K.; Jakmunee,J.; Thavornyutikarn,P.
1-Aug-2015Spectrophotometric method for determination of aluminium content in water and beverage samples employing flow-batch sequential injection systemKhanhuathon,Y.; Siriangkhawut,W.; Chantiratikul,P.; Grudpan,K.
1-Jan-2015Successive determination of urinary bilirubin and creatinine employing simultaneous injection effective mixing flow analysisPonhong,K.; Teshima,N.; Grudpan,K.; Vichapong,J.; Motomizu,S.; Sakai,T.