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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
30-May-2013Effects of 100MeV protons delivered at 0.5 or 1cGy/min on the in vivo induction of early and delayed chromosomal damageKanokporn Noy Rithidech; Louise M. Honikel; Paiboon Reungpatthanaphong; Montree Tungjai; Marc Golightly; Elbert B. Whorton
27-Jun-2016Induction of chronic inflammation and altered levels of DNA hydroxymethylation in somatic and germinal tissues of CBA/CaJ mice exposed to<sup>48</sup>Ti ionsKanokporn Noy Rithidech; Witawat Jangiam; Montree Tungjai; Chris Gordon; Louise Honikel; Elbert B. Whorton
1-Nov-2015Late-occurring chromosome aberrations and global DNA methylation in hematopoietic stem/progenitor cells of CBA/CaJ mice exposed to silicon (<sup>28</sup>Si) ionsKanokporn Noy Rithidech; Louise M. Honikel; Paiboon Reungpathanaphong; Montree Tungjai; Witawat Jangiam; Elbert B. Whorton
2-Apr-2012No evidence for the in vivo induction of genomic instability by low doses of<sup>137</sup>Cs gamma rays in bone marrow cells of BALB/cJ and C57BL/6J MICEKanokporn Noy Rithidech; Chatchanok Udomtanakunchai; Louise M. Honikel; Elbert B. Whorton
1-Aug-2013Persistence of apoptosis and inflammatory responses in the heart and bone marrow of mice following whole-body exposure to<sup>28</sup>Silicon (<sup>28</sup>Si) ionsMontree Tungjai; Elbert B. Whorton; Kanokporn Noy Rithidech
1-May-2018Persistent depletion of plasma gelsolin (pGSN) after exposure of mice to heavy silicon ionsKanokporn Noy Rithidech; Paiboon Reungpatthanaphong; Montree Tungjai; Witawat Jangiam; Louise Honikel; Elbert B. Whorton