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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2004Analysis of lectin-bound glycoproteins in snake venom from the Elapidae and Viperidae familiesNawarak J.; Phutrakul S.; Chen S.-T.
2011Antiproliferative activity of berberine from Coscinium fenestratum on NCI-H838 cell lineTungpradit R.; Sinchaikul S.; Phutrakul S.; Wongkham W.; Chen S.-T.
2004Capillary electrophoresis using immobilized whole cells with overexpressed endothelin receptor for specific ligand screeningYu H.-M.; Tseng M-J.; Fang J.-M.; Phutrakul S.; Chen S.-T.
2008Comparative embrane extraction methods for identifying membrane proteome of SW900 squamous lung Cancer cell lineHongsachart P.; Sinchaikul S.; Phutrakul S.; Wongkham W.; Chen S.-T.
2008Current proteomic analysis and post-translational modifications of biomarkers in human lung cancer materialsSinchaikul S.; Hongsachart P.; Sriyam S.; Tantipaiboonwong P.; Phutrakul S.; Chen S.-T.
2005Different techniques for urinary protein analysis of normal and lung cancer patientsTantipaiboonwong P.; Sinchaikul S.; Sriyam S.; Phutrakul S.; Chen S.-T.
2007Enhanced detectability in proteome studiesSriyam S.; Sinchaikul S.; Tantipaiboonwong P.; Tzao C.; Phutrakul S.; Chen S.-T.
2005Functional and structural analysis of Bacillus proteomeSinchaikul S.; Sookkheo B.; Topanurak S.; Pan F.-M.; Phutrakul S.; Chen S.-T.
2005Functional proteomics and correlated signaling pathway of the thermophilic bacterium Bacillus stearothermophilus TLS33 under cold-shock stressTopanurak S.; Sinchaikul S.; Sookkheo B.; Phutrakuf S.; Chen S.-T.
2011Glycoproteomic analysis and molecular modeling of haptoglobin multimersBoonyapranai K.; Tsai H.-Y.; Chen M.C.-M.; Sriyam S.; Sinchaikul S.; Phutrakul S.; Chen S.-T.
2009Glycoproteomic analysis of WGA-bound glycoprotein biomarkers in sera from patients with lung adenocarcinomaHongsachart P.; Huang-Liu R.; Sinchaikul S.; Pan F.-M.; Phutrakul S.; Chuang Y.-M.; Yu C.-J.; Chen S.-T.
2011Glycoproteomics analysis to identify a glycoform on haptoglobin associated with lung cancerTsai H.-Y.; Boonyapranai K.; Sriyam S.; Yu C.-J.; Wu S.-W.; Khoo K.-H.; Phutrakul S.; Chen S.-T.
2013Human urinary GM2-activator protein as a potential biomarker for lung cancerPotprommanee L.; Ma H.-T.; Chen C.-H.; Aobchey P.; Boonyapranai K.; Chewaskulyong B.; Sangthong P.; Shank L.; Chen S.-T.
2011Identification of Brugia malayi immunogens by an immunoproteomics approachWongkamchai S.; Chiangjong W.; Sinchaikul S.; Chen S.-T.; Choochote W.; Thongboonkerd V.
2008Identification of human hnRNP C1/C2 as a dengue virus NS1-interacting proteinNoisakran S.; Sengsai S.; Thongboonkerd V.; Kanlaya R.; Sinchaikul S.; Chen S.-T.; Puttikhunt C.; Kasinrerk W.; Limjindaporn T.; Wongwiwat W.; Malasit P.; Yenchitsomanus P.-t.
2001Optimization of a thermostable lipase from Bacillus stearothermophilus p1: Overexpression, purification, and characterizationSinchaikul S.; Sookkheo B.; Phutrakul S.; Pan F.-M.; Chen S.-T.
2008Preliminary Screening of Glycoprotein Profiles in Human Normal and Lung Cancer Sera by Different Staining MethodsHongsachart P.; Sinchaikul S.; Phutrakul S.; Chen S.-T.
2002Proteomic analysis of a thermostable superoxide dismutase from Bacillus stearothermophilus TLS33Sookkheo B.; Sinchaikul S.; Thannan H.; Thongprasong O.; Phutrakul S.; Chen S.-T.
2013Proteomic analysis of candidate prognostic urinary marker for cervical cancerAobchey P.; Niamsup H.; Siriaree S.; Sookkheo B.; Boonyapranai K.; Chen S.-T.
2008Proteomic analysis of deglycosylated Proteins in normal human serum using anhydrous hydrogen fluoride treatmentSupawadee S.; Sinchaikul S.; Tantipaiboonwong P.; Phutrakul S.; Chen S.-T.