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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
-Age-Related Differences in Socio-demographic and Behavioral Determinants of HIV Testing and Counseling in HPTN 043/NIMH Project AcceptSalazar-Austin N.; Kulich M.; Chingono A.; Chariyalertsak S.; Srithanaviboonchai K.; Gray G.; Richter L.; van Rooyen H.; Morin S.; Sweat M.; Mbwambo J.; Szekeres G.; Coates T.; Celentano D.; Karim S.; Frohlich J.; Joseph P.; Ngubani T.; Richter L.; van Rooyen H.; Abler L.; Maman S.; Pettifor A.; Bamanyisa C.; Chovenye L.; Kilonzo G.; Hogan N.; Lema F.; Mbwambo J.; Mrumbi K.; Beyrer C.; Celentano D.; Genberg B.; Kawichai S.; Link B.; Zelaya C.; Carrico A.; Kevany S.; Khumalo-Sakutukwa G.; Lane T.; Mickalian J.; Morfit S.; Morin S.; Steward W.; Chariyalertsak C.; Chariyalertsak S.; Kawichai S.; Srithanaviboonchai K.; Visrutaratna S.; Chingono A.; Jubenkanda T.; Sendah M.; Machinda T.; Murima O.; Timbe A.; Woelk G.; Coates T.; Fiamma A.; Szekeres G.; Curran K.; Sadowski A.; Sweat M.; Singh B.; Mulawa M.; Donnell D.; Eshleman S.; Johnson-Lewis L.; Laeyendecker O.; Piwowar-Manning E.; Fritz K.; Gregowski A.; Gray G.; Mhlongo S.; Modiba P.; Robertson G.; Hausler H.; Hlavka Z.; Hlubinka D.; Kulich M.; Laeyendecker O.; McGrath N.; McIntyre J.
1-Apr-2010Awareness about antiretroviral treatment, intentions to use condoms, and decisions to have an HIV test among rural northern lowland Thai and ethnic minority young adultsSrithanaviboonchai K.; Celentano D.; Visaruratana S.; Kawichai S.; Wichajarn M.; Genberg B.; Chariyalertsak C.; Kulich M.; Chariyalertsak S.
1Building the evidence base for stigma and discrimination-reduction programming in Thailand: Development of tools to measure healthcare stigma and discriminationSrithanaviboonchai K.; Stockton M.; Pudpong N.; Chariyalertsak S.; Prakongsai P.; Chariyalertsak C.; Smutraprapoot P.; Nyblade L.
8-Sep-2011HIV incidence, risk factors, and motivation for biomedical intervention among gay, bisexual men, and transgender persons in Northern ThailandChariyalertsak S.; Kosachunhanan N.; Saokhieo P.; Songsupa R.; Wongthanee A.; Chariyalertsak C.; Visarutratana S.; Beyrer C.
2Underrecognition and undertreatment for peripheral arterial disease in diabetic patients in ThailandArworn S.; Kosachunhanun N.; Sony K.; Inpankaew N.; Sritara P.; Phrommintikul A.; Chariyalertsak C.; Wongthanee A.; Mangklabruks A.; Rerkasem K.