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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Jan-2014The ASEAN Economic Community 2015: A case study of challenges in Thai higher educationThanalerdsopit,P.; Meksamoot,K.; Chakpitak,N.; Yodmongkol,P.; Jengjarern,A.
1-Jan-2015A framework for improving school safety management: Applying lean thinking to a case study in ThailandSrichai,P.; Yodmongkol,P.; Chakpitak,N.; Meksamoot,K.; Sureephong,P.
1-Jan-2014Green energy community with smart society for sustainable livingRodprasert,R.; Chandarasupsang,T.; Chakpitak,N.; Yupapin,P.P.P.
1-Dec-2011Integrated knowledge management system based mentoring for new university staff developmentSrivichai,P.; Meksamoot,K.; Jengjalern,A.; Chakpitak,N.
1-Dec-2012A knowledge-based system for plant sustainability using multi-criteria analysis: A case study of ThailandReeveerakul,N.; Ouzrout,Y.; Chakpitak,N.; Bouras,A.
1-Jan-2014Learning innovative maternal instinct: Activity designing semantic factors of alcohol modification in rural communities of ThailandYodmongkol,P.; Jaimung,T.; Chakpitak,N.; Sureephong,P.
1-Jan-2015Management strategies to improve research performance in higher education: An ice-breaking model for the humanities and social sciencesKarnjanakitti,K.; Chakpitak,N.; Yodmongkol,P.; Ratana,P.
1-Jan-2014A novel customer knowledge management analysis model: With a case study in hospitalityLiu,X.; Chakpitak,N.; Yodmongkol,P.; Cang,S.
1-Jan-2014Sustainability and productivity indicators with sensitivity truth table for unskilled thai labour reverse migrationPanaingvait,P.; Chakpitak,N.; Yodmongkol,P.; Sureephong,P.; Nimmonrat,A.
1-Jan-2015Use of an analytic network process and monte carlo analysis in new product formula selection decisionsWudhikarn,R.; Chakpitak,N.; Neubert,G.