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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2002Angiostrongylus cantonensis infection mimicking a spinal cord tumorPetjom S.; Chaiwun B.; Settakorn J.; Visrutaratna P.; Rangdaeng S.; Thorner P.S.
2005Atypical and suspicious categories in fine needle aspiration cytology of the breast: Histological and mammographical correlation and clinical significanceChaiwun B.; Sukhamwang N.; Lekawanvijit S.; Sukapan K.; Rangdaeng S.; Muttarak M.; Thorner P.S.
1996Bacillary angiomatosis and mycobacterium infection coexisting in a cutaneous lesion in a patient with AIDSChiewchanvit S.; Chaiwun B.
2007Benign breast lesions mimicking carcinoma at mammographyPojchamarnwiputh S.; Muttarak M.; Na-ChiangMai W.; Chaiwun B.
2009Bilateral low-grade B-cell lymphoma of the breast: A case report with cytological, histological and immunohistochemical studiesChaiwun B.; Sukhamwang N.; Ya-In C.; Shuangshoti S.
2003Breast cancer in women under 40 years: Preoperative detection by mammographyMuttarak M.; Pojchamarnwiputh S.; Chaiwun B.
2006Breast carcinomas: Why are they missed?Muttarak M.; Pojchamarnwiputh S.; Chaiwun B.
2002Carcinoma of the breast with unusual clinical presentation : A case reportSettakorn J.; Trakultivakorn H.; Chaiwun B.; Rangdaeng S.
2002Carcinoma of the breast with unusual clinical presentation: a case reportSettakorn J.; Chaiwun B.; Trakultivakorn H.; Rangdaeng S.
2002Case quizMuttarak M.; Chaiwun B.; Trakultivakorn H.
2002Cytological diagnosis of lung cancer in Chiang Mai, Thailand: Cyto-histological correlation and comparison of sensitivity of various methodsRangdaeng S.; Settakorn J.; Bhothirat C.; Aramratana A.; Ya-In C.; Chaiwun B.; Sirivanichai C.
1991Detection of estrogen and progesterone receptor bindings in mammary carcinoma cells: a comparative study using immunohistochemical and biochemical methodsBhoopat L.; Chaiwun B.; Nimmanahaeminda K.; Jiviriyawat Y.; Suthijitr M.
2002Effectiveness of fine-needle aspiration cytology of breast: Analysis of 2,375 cases from Northern ThailandChaiwun B.; Settakorn J.; Ya-In C.; Wisedmongkol W.; Rangdaeng S.; Thorner P.
2007Endothelin-1 expression correlates with atypical histological features in mammary phyllodes tumoursTse G.M.; Chaiwun B.; Lau K.-M.; Scolyer R.; Lee C.S.; Karim R.Z.; Putti T.C.; Law B.K.; Lui P.C.; Tan P.H.
2002Evaluation of the Contralateral Breast in Patients with Ipsilateral Breast Carcinoma: The Role of MammographyMuttarak M.; Pojchamarnwiputh S.; Padungchaichote W.; Chaiwun B.
2008Fine needle aspiration cytology of breast cancer in women aged 70 years and olderTse G.M.K.; Somali A.; Chan A.W.H.; Chaiwun B.; Lui P.C.W.; Moriya T.; Hwang J.S.G.; Chan N.H.L.; Tan P.H.
2008Fine needle aspiration cytology of papillary lesions of the breast: How accurate is the diagnosis?Tse G.M.K.; Ma T.K.F.; Lui P.C.W.; Ng D.C.H.; Yu A.M.C.; Vong J.S.L.; Niu Y.; Chaiwun B.; Lam W.W.M.; Tan P.H.
2007Fine needle aspiration for evaluation of breast massesChaiwun B.; Thorner P.
2001Fine needle aspiration of the thyroid glandSettakorn J.; Thamprasert K.; Rangdaeng S.; Chaiwun B.; Wisedmongkol W.
1999Fine-needle aspiration cytology of adrenal myelolipoma: case report and review of the literatureSettakorn J.; Sirivanichai C.; Rangdaeng S.; Chaiwun B.