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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Oct-2007Anthostomella and Fasciatispora species (Xylariaceae) from palms including F. ujungkulonensis sp. novIman Hidayat; Jamjan Meeboon; Chaiwat To-Anun
1-Jan-2007Cercospora habenariicola sp. nov. and some new records of cercosporold fungi from ThailandJamjan Meeboon; Iman Hidayat; Chiharu Nakashima; Chaiwat To-Anun
1-Oct-2007Cercosporoid fungi from Thailand 3. Two new species of Passalora and six new records of Cercospora speciesJamjan Meeboon; Iman Hidayat; Chaiwat To-Anun
1-Jan-2016Checklist of fungi on teakM. Doilom; J. E. Taylor; D. J. Bhat; E. Chukeatirote; K. D. Hyde; Chaiwat To-Anun; E. B.Gareth Jones
1-Jun-2011Decomposition of wood, petiole and leaf litter by Xylaria species from northern ThailandTakashi Osono; Chaiwat To-Anun; Yusuke Hagiwara; Dai Hirose
1-Aug-2020Enhancement of chemical stability and dermal delivery of cordyceps militaris extracts by nanoemulsionPachabadee Marsup; Kankanit Yeerong; Waranya Neimkhum; Jakkapan Sirithunyalug; Songyot Anuchapreeda; Chaiwat To-Anun; Wantida Chaiyana
31-Oct-2006The genus Oxydothis: New palmicolous taxa and phylogenetic relationships within the XylarialesIman Hidayat; Rajesh Jeewon; Chaiwat To-Anun; Kevin D. Hyde
19-Nov-2019The genus SimplicilliumDe Ping Wei; Dhanushka N. Wanasinghe; Kevin D. Hyde; Peter E. Mortimer; Jianchu Xu; Yuan Pin Xiao; Chitrabhanu S. Bhunjun; Chaiwat To-Anun
1-Dec-2010Guignardia/Phyllosticta species on bananaNilam F. Wulandari; Chaiwat To-Anun; Lei Cai; Kamel A. Abd-Elsalam; Kevin D. Hyde
1-Jan-2016Halodiatrype, a novel diatrypaceous genus from mangroves with H. salinicola and H. avicenniae spp. nov.M. C. Dayarathne; R. Phookamsak; K. D. Hyde; I. S. Manawasinghe; Chaiwat To-Anun; Gareth E.B. Jones
1-Jul-2010Host affinity and phylogenetic position of a new anamorphic fungus Beltraniella botryospora from living and fallen leaves of evergreen oaksTakashi Shirouzu; Dai Hirose; Seiji Tokumasu; Chaiwat To-Anun; Nitaro Maekawa
1-Apr-2017Molecular phylogenetic and morphological analysis of a powdery mildew found on Dalbergia lanceolaria in ThailandSararat Monkhung; Chaiwat To-Anun
1-Jan-2016Mycosphere Essays 12. Progress in the classification of the water-cooling tower ascomycete Savoryella and a tribute to John Savory: A reviewE. B.Gareth Jones; Chaiwat To-Anun; S. Suetrong; N. Boonyuen
1-Jan-2017New species Pseudocercospora and new records from ThailandJeerapa Nguanhom; Khelang Wongsopa; Ratchadawan Cheewangkoon; Chaiwat To-Anun
21-Oct-2020Ophiocordyceps tianshanensis sp. nov. On ants from Tianshan mountains, PR ChinaDe Ping Wei; Dhanushka N. Wanasinghe; Kevin D. Hyde; Peter E. Mortimer; Jian Chu Xu; Chaiwat To-Anun; Feng Ming Yu; Ling Sheng Zha
1-Jul-2008Phylogenetic relationships of Polyporus and morphologically allied generaKozue Sotome; Tsutomu Hattori; Yuko Ota; Chaiwat To-Anun; Baharuddin Salleh; Makoto Kakishima
1-Jan-2015Phylogenetic study of the botryosphaeriaceae species associated with avocaodo and parĂ¡ rubber in ThailandThippawan Trakunyingcharoen; Ratchadawan Cheewangkoon; Chaiwat To-Anun
21-May-2018Phylogeny and morphology of Helicotubeufia gen. nov., with three new species in Tubeufiaceae from aquatic habitatsJ. K. Liu; Y. Z. Lu; Ratchadawan Cheewangkoon; Chaiwat To-Anun
31-Mar-2017Saprobic dothideomycetes in Thailand: Neoaquastroma gen. nov. (parabambusicolaceae) introduced based on morphological and molecular dataDhanushka N. Wanasinghe; Kevin D. Hyde; Sirinapa Konta; Chaiwat To-Anun; E. B.Gareth Jones
1-Jan-2008The teleomorph of Leptographium yunnanense, discovered in crosses among isolates from Thailand, China, and JapanYuichi Yamaoka; Hayato Masuya; Wen Hsin Chung; Hideaki Goto; Chaiwat To-Anun; Seiji Tokumasu; Xhudong Zhou; Michael J. Wingfield