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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2010Age hardening and precipitation behavior of an experimental cast Al-Mg-Si alloy treated by T6 and T6i6 heat treatmentsImurai S.; Kajornchaiyakul J.; Thanachayanont C.; Pearce J.T.H.; Chairuangsri T.
2010A barium-calcium silicate glass for use as seals in planar SOFCsNamwong P.; Laorodphan N.; Thiemsorn W.; Jaimasith M.; Wannakon A.; Chairuangsri T.
2011Combined effects of boron, sodium and strontium on grain refinement of sterling silver grade 950Sakultanchareonchai S.; Chairuangsri T.; Nisaratanaporn E.
2010Effects of beryllium on microstructure and resiliency of silver-copper alloyChairuangsri T.; Nisaratanaporn E.
2008Effects of heat treatment on hardness and dry wear properties of a semi-solid processed Fe-27 wt pct Cr-2.9 wt pct C cast ironWiengmoon A.; Chairuangsri T.; Chomsang N.; Poolthong N.; Pearce J.T.H.
2009Ethanol sensing properties of CuO nanowires prepared by an oxidation reactionRaksa P.; Gardchareon A.; Chairuangsri T.; Mangkorntong P.; Mangkorntong N.; Choopun S.
2011Fine structure of wing scales of butterflies, Euploea mulciber and Troides aeacusDechkrong P.; Jiwajinda S.; Dokchan P.; Kongtungmon M.; Chomsaeng N.; Chairuangsri T.; Yu C.-C.; Hsiao C.-N.; Shiojiri M.
2008Growth kinetic and characterization of RF-Sputtered ZnO:Al NanostructuresChoopun S.; Hongsith N.; Wongrat E.; Kamwanna T.; Singkarat S.; Mangkorntong P.; Mangkorntong N.; Chairuangsri T.
2009Growth kinetic and characterization of tetrapod ZnO nanostructuresHongsith N.; Chairuangsri T.; Phaechamud T.; Choopun S.
2010HRTEM and ADF-STEM of precipitates at peak-ageing in cast A356 aluminium alloyChomsaeng N.; Haruta M.; Chairuangsri T.; Kurata H.; Isoda S.; Shiojiri M.
2013HRTEM and HAADF-STEM of precipitates at peak ageing of cast A319 aluminium alloyWiengmoon A.; Pearce J.; Chairuangsri T.; Isoda S.; Saito H.; Kurata H.
2014Influence of solvents on characteristics of nanoparticles prepared by pulsed laser ablation on iron targetAye H.L.; Choopun S.; Chairuangsri T.
2011Isothermal phase transformation sequence in Fe-22wt%Cr-3.2wt%Mo-6.2wt%Ni-0.037wt%C cast duplex stainless steelKuimalee S.; Pearce J.T.H.; Chairuangsri T.
2009A low silica, barium borate glass-ceramic for use as seals in planar SOFCsLaorodphan N.; Namwong P.; Thiemsorn W.; Jaimasith M.; Wannagon A.; Chairuangsri T.
2008Microscopy and strength of borosilicate glass-to-Kovar alloy jointsChanmuang C.; Naksata M.; Chairuangsri T.; Jain H.; Lyman C.E.
2005Microstructural and crystallographical study of carbides in 30wt.%Cr cast ironsWiengmoon A.; Chairuangsri T.; Brown A.; Brydson R.; Edmonds D.V.; Pearce J.T.H.
2004A Microstructural Study of Destabilised 30wt%Cr-2.3wt%C High Chromium Cast IronWiengmoon A.; Chairuangsri T.; Pearce J.T.H.
2012Microstructure, hardness, corrosion and dry wear of 17wt%Cr-3wt%C-7wt%Mo cast ironWiengmoon A.; Pearce J.T.H.; Imurai S.; Chairuangsri T.
2011Plaster materials from waste calcium sulfate containing chemicals, organic fibers and inorganic additivesChindaprasirt P.; Boonserm K.; Chairuangsri T.; Vichit-Vadakan W.; Eaimsin T.; Sato T.; Pimraksa K.
2010Preparation of nanoparticles by laser ablation on copper target in distilled waterAye H.L.; Choopun S.; Chairuangsri T.