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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
-Age-Related Differences in Socio-demographic and Behavioral Determinants of HIV Testing and Counseling in HPTN 043/NIMH Project AcceptSalazar-Austin N.; Kulich M.; Chingono A.; Chariyalertsak S.; Srithanaviboonchai K.; Gray G.; Richter L.; van Rooyen H.; Morin S.; Sweat M.; Mbwambo J.; Szekeres G.; Coates T.; Celentano D.; Karim S.; Frohlich J.; Joseph P.; Ngubani T.; Richter L.; van Rooyen H.; Abler L.; Maman S.; Pettifor A.; Bamanyisa C.; Chovenye L.; Kilonzo G.; Hogan N.; Lema F.; Mbwambo J.; Mrumbi K.; Beyrer C.; Celentano D.; Genberg B.; Kawichai S.; Link B.; Zelaya C.; Carrico A.; Kevany S.; Khumalo-Sakutukwa G.; Lane T.; Mickalian J.; Morfit S.; Morin S.; Steward W.; Chariyalertsak C.; Chariyalertsak S.; Kawichai S.; Srithanaviboonchai K.; Visrutaratna S.; Chingono A.; Jubenkanda T.; Sendah M.; Machinda T.; Murima O.; Timbe A.; Woelk G.; Coates T.; Fiamma A.; Szekeres G.; Curran K.; Sadowski A.; Sweat M.; Singh B.; Mulawa M.; Donnell D.; Eshleman S.; Johnson-Lewis L.; Laeyendecker O.; Piwowar-Manning E.; Fritz K.; Gregowski A.; Gray G.; Mhlongo S.; Modiba P.; Robertson G.; Hausler H.; Hlavka Z.; Hlubinka D.; Kulich M.; Laeyendecker O.; McGrath N.; McIntyre J.
1-Apr-2016Antiretroviral Medication Adherence and Amplified HIV Transmission Risk Among Sexually Active HIV-Infected Individuals in Three Diverse International SettingsMagidson J.; Li X.; Mimiaga M.; Moore A.; Srithanaviboonchai K.; Friedman R.; Limbada M.; Hughes J.; Cummings V.; Gaydos C.; Elharrar V.; Celentano D.; Mayer K.; Safren S.
13-Jun-2011Are there adverse consequences of quizzing during informed consent for HIV research?Sugarman J.; Corneli A.; Donnell D.; Liu T.; Rose S.; Celentano D.; Jackson B.; Aramrattana A.; Wei L.; Shao Y.; Liping F.; Baoling R.; Metzger B.
3-May-2015Assessment of Contamination and Misclassification Biases in a Randomized Controlled Trial of a Social Network Peer Education Intervention to Reduce HIV risk Behaviors Among Drug Users and Risk Partners in Philadelphia, PA and Chiang Mai, ThailandSimmons N.; Donnell D.; Ou S.; Celentano D.; Aramrattana A.; Davis-Vogel A.; Metzger D.; Latkin C.
1-Apr-2010Awareness about antiretroviral treatment, intentions to use condoms, and decisions to have an HIV test among rural northern lowland Thai and ethnic minority young adultsSrithanaviboonchai K.; Celentano D.; Visaruratana S.; Kawichai S.; Wichajarn M.; Genberg B.; Chariyalertsak C.; Kulich M.; Chariyalertsak S.
15-Nov-2011Combined oral contraceptive use increases HPV persistence but not new HPV detection in a cohort of women from ThailandMarks M.; Gravitt P.; Gupta S.; Liaw K.; Tadesse A.; Kim E.; Phongnarisorn C.; Wootipoom V.; Yuenyao P.; Vipupinyo C.; Sriplienchan S.; Celentano D.
1-May-2016Community cultural norms, stigma and disclosure to sexual partners among women living with HIV in Thailand, Brazil and Zambia (HPTN 063)Ojikutu B.; Pathak S.; Srithanaviboonchai K.; Limbada M.; Friedman R.; Li S.; Mimiaga M.; Mayer K.; Safren S.; Cummings V.; Dai J.; Celentano D.; Elharrar V.; Emel L.; Gaydos C.; Hamilton E.; Hughes J.; Kelly C.; London A.; Lucas J.; Moore A.; Piwowar-Manning E.; Sherman S.; Waller H.
1-Jul-2011Community-based intervention to increase HIV testing and case detection in people aged 16-32 years in Tanzania, Zimbabwe, and Thailand (NIMH Project Accept, HPTN 043): A randomised studySweat M.; Morin S.; Celentano D.; Mulawa M.; Singh B.; Mbwambo J.; Kawichai S.; Chingono A.; Khumalo-Sakutukwa G.; Gray G.; Richter L.; Kulich M.; Sadowski A.; Coates T.
1-Aug-2012Efficacy and Safety of Three Antiretroviral Regimens for Initial Treatment of HIV-1: A Randomized Clinical Trial in Diverse Multinational SettingsCampbell T.; Smeaton L.; Kumarasamy N.; Flanigan T.; Klingman K.; Firnhaber C.; Grinsztejn B.; Hosseinipour M.; Kumwenda J.; Lalloo U.; Riviere C.; Sanchez J.; Melo M.; Supparatpinyo K.; Tripathy S.; Martinez A.; Nair A.; Walawander A.; Moran L.; Chen Y.; Snowden W.; Rooney J.; Uy J.; Schooley R.; de Gruttola V.; Hakim J.; Swann E.; Barnett R.; Brizz B.; Delph Y.; Gettinger N.; Mitsuyasu R.; Eshleman S.; Safren S.; Fiscus S.; Andrade A.; Haas D.; Amod F.; Berthaud V.; Bollinger R.; Bryson Y.; Celentano D.; Chilongozi D.; Cohen M.; Collier A.; Currier J.; Cu-Uvin S.; Eron J.; Flexner C.; Gallant J.; Gulick R.; Hammer S.; Hoffman I.; Kazembe P.; Kumwenda N.; Lama J.; Lawrence J.; Maponga C.; Martinson F.; Mayer K.; Nielsen K.; Pendame R.; Ramratnam B.; Sanne I.; Severe P.; Sirisanthana T.; Solomon S.; Tabet S.; Taha T.; van der Horst C.; Wanke C.; Gormley J.; Marcus C.; Putnam B.; Ntshele S.; Loeliger E.; Pappa K.; Webb N.; Shugarts D.; Winters M.; Descallar R.; Steele J.; Wulfsohn M.; Said F.; Chen Y.; Martin J.; Bischofberger N.; Cheng A.; Jaffe H.; Sharma J.; Poongulali S.; Cardoso S.; Faria D.; Berendes S.; Burke K.; Mngqibisa R.; Kanyama C.; Kayoyo V.; Samaneka W.; Chisada A.
1-Jan-2016Frequency and predictors of estimated HIV transmissions and bacterial STI acquisition among HIV-positive patients in HIV care across three continentsSafren S.; Hughes J.; Mimiaga M.; Moore A.; Friedman R.; Srithanaviboonchai K.; Limbada M.; Williamson B.; Elharrar V.; Cummings V.; Magidson J.; Gaydos C.; Celentano D.; Mayer K.
2004Hepatitis C Virus (HCV) Core Antigen Assay to Detect Ongoing HCV Infection in Thai Injection Drug UsersNetski D.M.; Wang X.-H.; Mehta S.H.; Nelson K.; Celentano D.; Thongsawat S.; Maneekarn N.; Suriyanon V.; Jittiwutikorn J.; Thomas D.L.; Ticehurst J.R.
1-Sep-2014Hepatotoxicity in a 52-week randomized trial of short-term versus long-term treatment with buprenorphine/naloxone in HIV-negative injection opioid users in China and ThailandLucas G.; Young A.; Donnell D.; Richardson P.; Aramrattana A.; Shao Y.; Ruan Y.; Liu W.; Fu L.; Ma J.; Celentano D.; Metzger D.; Jackson J.; Burns D.
1-May-2011Kinetics of DNA load predict HPV 16 viral clearanceMarks M.; Gravitt P.; Utaipat U.; Gupta S.; Liaw K.; Kim E.; Tadesse A.; Phongnarisorn C.; Wootipoom V.; Yuenyao P.; Vipupinyo C.; Rugpao S.; Sriplienchan S.; Celentano D.
19-Feb-2016Methamphetamine use is associated with high levels of depressive symptoms in adolescents and young adults in Rural Chiang Mai Province, ThailandDimiceli L.; Sherman S.; Aramrattana A.; Sirirojn B.; Celentano D.
1-Dec-2010Mortality among injection drug users in northern thailand: A prospective cohort studyQuan V.; Aramrattana A.; Vongchak T.; Latkin C.; Donnell D.; Liu T.; Wiboonnatakul K.; Celentano D.
1-Jul-2010Predictors and consequences of incarceration among a sample of young Thai methamphetamine usersSherman S.; Sutcliffe C.; Srirojn B.; German D.; Thomson N.; Aramrattana A.; Celentano D.
1-Jul-2011Predictors of incident and recurrent participation in the sale or delivery of drugs for profit amongst young methamphetamine users in Chiang Mai Province, Thailand, 2005-2006Latimore A.; Rudolph A.; German D.; Sherman S.; Srirojn B.; Aramrattana A.; Celentano D.
11-Aug-2011Prevention of HIV-1 infection with early antiretroviral therapyCohen M.; Chen Y.; McCauley M.; Gamble T.; Hosseinipour M.; Kumarasamy N.; Hakim J.; Kumwenda J.; Grinsztejn B.; Pilotto J.; Godbole S.; Mehendale S.; Chariyalertsak S.; Santos B.; Mayer K.; Hoffman I.; Eshleman S.; Piwowar-Manning E.; Wang L.; Makhema J.; Mills L.; De Bruyn G.; Sanne I.; Eron J.; Gallant J.; Havlir D.; Swindells S.; Ribaudo H.; Elharrar V.; Burns D.; Taha T.; Nielsen-Saines K.; Celentano D.; Essex M.; Fleming T.
2014Reported Physical and Sexual Abuse in Childhood and Adult HIV Risk Behaviour in Three African Countries: Findings from Project Accept (HPTN-043)Richter L.; Komarek A.; Desmond C.; Celentano D.; Morin S.; Sweat M.; Chariyalertsak S.; Chingono A.; Gray G.; Mbwambo J.; Coates T.
1-Sep-2012Unanticipated effect of a randomized peer network intervention on depressive symptoms among young methamphetamine users in ThailandGerman D.; Sutcliffe C.; Sirirojn B.; Sherman S.; Latkin C.; Aramrattana A.; Celentano D.