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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Oct-2007Benign breast lesions mimicking carcinoma at mammographyS. Pojchamarnwiputh; Malai Muttarak; W. Na-ChiangMai; B. Chaiwun
1-Oct-2006Breast carcinomas: Why are they missed?Malai Muttarak; S. Pojchamarnwiputh; B. Chaiwun
1-Aug-2008Fine needle aspiration cytology of papillary lesions of the breast: How accurate is the diagnosis?G. M.K. Tse; T. K.F. Ma; P. C.W. Lui; D. C.H. Ng; A. M.C. Yu; J. S.L. Vong; Y. Niu; B. Chaiwun; W. W.M. Lam; P. H. Tan
11-Oct-2011GSTPi-positive tumour microenvironment-associated fibroblasts are significantly associated with GSTPi-negative cancer cells in paired cases of primary invasive breast cancer and axillary lymph node metastasesB. Chaiwun; N. Sukhamwang; H. Trakultivakorn; B. Saha; L. Young; D. Tsao-Wei; W. Y. Naritoku; S. Groshen; C. R. Taylor; S. A. Imam
1-Jul-2005Intracystic papillary carcinoma of the breastMalai Muttarak; A. Somwangprasert; B. Chaiwun
1-Jul-2010Mammographic and ultrasonographic features of invasive lobular carcinoma: A review of 16 patientsM. Muttarak; S. Sangchan; P. Kongmebhol; N. Sukhamwang; B. Chaiwun
1-Oct-2006Metaplastic carcinoma of the breast: A clinicopathological reviewG. M. Tse; P. H. Tan; T. C. Putti; P. C W Lui; B. Chaiwun; B. K B Law
1-Apr-2005Painless scrotal swelling: Ultrasonographical features with pathological correlationMalai Muttarak; B. Chaiwun
1-Dec-2006Phyllodes tumour of the breastMalai Muttarak; P. Lerttumnongtum; A. Somwangjaroen; B. Chaiwun
1-Dec-2007Renal angiomyolipoma with bleedingMalai Muttarak; N. Pattamapaspong; B. Lojanapiwat; B. Chaiwun