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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Jan-2014Constructionism and error analysis to understand and improve written english composition of thai software engineering studentsTeeraporn Saeheaw; Komsak Meksamoot; Nopasit Chakpitak; Arnan Sipitakiat; Nitida Adipattaranan
27-Jun-2017Designing a Physical Computing toolkit to utilize miniature computers: A case study of Selective ExposureMarutpong Chailangka; Arnan Sipitakiat; Paulo Blikstein
4-Apr-2020Designing an Educational Internet of Things Toolbox: A case-study of a learner-centric tool designAttapan Chan-In; Arnan Sipitakiat
1-Dec-2008Giving the head a hand: Constructing a microworld to build relationships with ideas in balance controlArnan Sipitakiat; David P. Cavallo
29-Jul-2013Interaction design and physical computing in the era of miniature embedded computersArnan Sipitakiat; Paulo Blikstein
18-Jul-2011QWERTY and the art of designing microcontrollers for childrenPaulo Blikstein; Arnan Sipitakiat
1-Dec-2011Robo-Blocks: A tangible programming system with debugging for childrenNussarin Nusen; Arnan Sipitakiat
31-Jul-2012Robo-Blocks: Designing debugging abilities in a tangible programming system for early primary school childrenArnan Sipitakiat; Nusarin Nusen
21-Jun-2015Sketching intentions: Comparing different metaphors for programming robotsRichard Davis; Engin Bumbacher; Oceane Bel; Arnan Sipitakiat; Paulo Blikstein
19-Apr-2010Think globally, build locally: A technological platform for low-cost, open-source, locally-assembled programmable bricks for educationArnan Sipitakiat; Paulo Blikstein