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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Jul-2021Chinese dream, emerging statecraft, and Chinese influence in the Mekong regionAranya Siriphon; Jiangyu Li
1-Mar-2021Chinese outbound tourism: An alternative modernity perspectiveJinsheng (Jason) Zhu; David Airey; Aranya Siriphon
1-Aug-2022Chinese outbound tourists as international consumer in Northern Thailand—A dynamic mobility perspectiveJin Sheng Zhu; David Airey; Aranya Siriphon
1-Jan-2021Chinese Tourism Diplomacy: A Chinese–style Modernity reviewJinsheng Zhu; Aranya Siriphon; David Airey; Jin Mei-lan
Dec-2014Living with opium: livelihood strantegies among rural highlanders in Southern Shan State, MyanmarPinkaew Laungaramsri; Aranya Siriphon; Khun Moe Htun
1-Feb-2006Local knowledge, dynamism and the politics of struggle: A case study of the Hmong in Northern ThailandAranya Siriphon
Mar-2021New chinese mobility and religious enchantment: Case study of chinese christian s practices in Chiang Mai CityAranya Siriphon; Yos Santasombat; Ta Wei Chu; Lan Xiaoxia
Sep-2022Outbound Tourism and Chinese-Style modernity: a reflexive study to the Chinese Tourists in ThailandAranya Siriphon; Yos Santasombat; Lee Kian Cheng; Jinsheng Zhu
13-Jan-2016The Qiaoban, the PRC Influence and Nationalist Chinese in the Northern Thai BorderlandAranya Siriphon
11-May-2022Transnationalizing Intrapreneurs and Entrepreneurial Values: Case Studies of Chinese Companies in Chiang Mai, ThailandAranya Siriphon; Jiangyu Li
1-Jan-2015Xinyimin, new chinese migrants, and the influence of the PRC and Taiwan on the Northern Thai borderAranya Siriphon
16-Jun-2015Xinyimin, New Chinese Migrants, and the Influence of the PRC and Taiwan on the Northern Thai BorderAranya Siriphon