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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Jan-20205,6,7,4’-tetramethoxyflavanone protects against neuronal degeneration induced by dexamethasone by attenuating amyloidogenesis in miceKanet Pakdeepak; Ratchanaporn Chokchaisiri; Jiraporn Tocharus; Pranglada Jearjaroen; Chainarong Tocharus; Apichart Suksamrarn
1-May-20215,6,7,4′-Tetramethoxyflavanone alleviates neurodegeneration in a dexamethasone-induced neurodegenerative mouse model through promotion of neurogenesis via the Raf/ERK1/2 pathwayKanet Pakdeepak; Ratchanaporn Chokchaisiri; Piyarat Govitrapong; Chainarong Tocharus; Apichart Suksamrarn; Jiraporn Tocharus
1-Jan-20215,6,7,4′-tetramethoxyflavanone attenuates nadph oxidase 1/4 and promotes sirtuin-1 to inhibit cell stress, senescence and apoptosis in aΒ25-35 –mediated sk-n-sh dysfunctionPichaya Jumnongprakhon; Ratchanaporn Chokchaisiri; Sarinthorn Thummayot; Apichart Suksamrarn; Chainarong Tocharus; Jiraporn Tocharus
1-Oct-2005Antimycobacterial and antiplasmodial unsaturated carboxylic acid from the twigs of Scleropyrum wallichianumApichart Suksamrarn; Matee Buaprom; Saifon Udtip; Nuchnipa Nuntawong; Rachada Haritakun; Somdej Kanokmedhakul
1-Jan-2016Association of Neuroprotective Effect of Di-O-Demethylcurcumin on Aβ<inf>25–35</inf>-Induced Neurotoxicity with Suppression of NF-κB and Activation of Nrf2Decha Pinkaew; Chatchawan Changtam; Chainarong Tocharus; Piyarat Govitrapong; Pichaya Jumnongprakhon; Apichart Suksamrarn; Jiraporn Tocharus
1-May-2021Biotransformation of 1α,11α-dihydroxyisopimara-8(14),15-diene by Cunninghamella echinulata NRRL 1386 and their neuroprotective activityRatchanaporn Chokchaisiri; Waraluck Chaichompoo; Wachirachai Pabuprapap; Oratai Sukcharoen; Jiraporn Tocharus; Lucksagoon Ganranoo; Sareeya Bureekaew; Ek Sangvichien; Apichart Suksamrarn
1-Jul-2020Capsaicinoid nonivamide improves nonalcoholic fatty liver disease in rats fed a high-fat dietNaruemon Wikan; Jiraporn Tocharus; Sivanan Sivasinprasasn; Aphisek Kongkaew; Waraluck Chaichompoo; Apichart Suksamrarn; Chainarong Tocharus
1-Aug-2008Chemical constituents of the rhizomes of Alpinia malaccensisNuchnipa Nuntawong; Apichart Suksamrarn
1-Sep-2018Cyanidin attenuates Aβ<inf>25-35</inf>-induced neuroinflammation by suppressing NF-κB activity downstream of TLR4/NOX4 in human neuroblastoma cellsSarinthorn Thummayot; Chainarong Tocharus; Pichaya Jumnongprakhon; Apichart Suksamrarn; Jiraporn Tocharus
25-Dec-2016Cyanidin-3-glucoside attenuates angiotensin II-induced oxidative stress and inflammation in vascular endothelial cellsSivanan Sivasinprasasn; Rungusa Pantan; Sarinthorn Thummayot; Jiraporn Tocharus; Apichart Suksamrarn; Chainarong Tocharus
1-Mar-2018Cytotoxic alkaloids against human colon adenocarcinoma cell line (HT-29) from the seed embryos of Nelumbo nuciferaWaraluck Chaichompoo; Ratchanaporn Chokchaisiri; Nuttapon Apiratikul; Arthit Chairoungdua; Boon ek Yingyongnarongkul; Warangkana Chunglok; Chainarong Tocharus; Apichart Suksamrarn
1-Dec-2017Dihydrocapsaicin Attenuates Blood Brain Barrier and Cerebral Damage in Focal Cerebral Ischemia/Reperfusion via Oxidative Stress and InflammatoryAdchara Janyou; Piyawadee Wicha; Jinatta Jittiwat; Apichart Suksamrarn; Chainarong Tocharus; Jiraporn Tocharus
15-Oct-2021Dihydrocapsaicin effectively mitigates cerebral ischemia-induced pathological changes in vivo, partly via antioxidant and anti-apoptotic pathwaysJinatta Jittiwat; Apichart Suksamrarn; Chinarong Tocharus; Jiraporn Tocharus
1-Jan-2020Dihydrocapsaicin-induced angiogenesis and improved functional recovery after cerebral ischemia and reperfusion in a rat modelAdchara Janyou; Piyawadee Wicha; Vatcharee Seechamnanturakit; Kanokkan Bumroongkit; Chainarong Tocharus; Apichart Suksamrarn; Jiraporn Tocharus
1-Apr-2022The effects of festidinol treatment on the D-galactose and aluminum chloride–induced Alzheimer-like pathology in mouse brainJittiporn Wongpun; Teera Chanmanee; Chainarong Tocharus; Ratchanaporn Chokchaisiri; Suphakit Chantorn; Wachirachai Pabuprapap; Apichart Suksamrarn; Jiraporn Tocharus
1-Jan-2019Endothelium-dependent and endothelium-independent vasorelaxant effects of tiliacorinine 12′-O-acetate and mechanisms on isolated rat aortaLuckika Panthiya; Rungusa Pantan; Jiraporn Tocharus; Archawin Nakaew; Apichart Suksamrarn; Chainarong Tocharus
1-Dec-2019Ethyl rosmarinate prevents the impairment of vascular function and morphological changes in L-NAME-induced hypertensive ratsRungusa Pantan; Jiraporn Tocharus; Archawin Nakaew; Apichart Suksamrarn; Chainarong Tocharus
5-Nov-2015Ethyl rosmarinate relaxes rat aorta by an endothelium-independent pathwayPiyawadee Wicha; Jiraporn Tocharus; Archawin Nakaew; Rungusa Pantan; Apichart Suksamrarn; Chainarong Tocharus
1-Jan-2020Hexahydrocurcumin alleviated blood–brain barrier dysfunction in cerebral ischemia/reperfusion ratsPiyawadee Wicha; Jiraporn Tocharus; Adchara Janyou; Jinatta Jittiwat; Waraluck Chaichompoo; Apichart Suksamrarn; Chainarong Tocharus
1-Mar-2022Hexahydrocurcumin ameliorates hypertensive and vascular remodeling in L-NAME-induced ratsLuckika Panthiya; Jiraporn Tocharus; Amnart Onsa-ard; Waraluck Chaichompoo; Apichart Suksamrarn; Chainarong Tocharus