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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Sep-2017The antimicrobial peptide, human β-defensin-1, potentiates in vitro osteoclastogenesis via activation of the p44/42 mitogen-activated protein kinasesAnupong Makeudom; Chayarop Supanchart; Pattanin Montreekachon; Sakornrat Khongkhunthian; Thanapat Sastraruji; Julaporn Krisanaprakornkit; Suttichai Krisanaprakornkit
1-Nov-2017Effects of prostaglandin E<inf>2</inf>on clonogenicity, proliferation and expression of pluripotent markers in human periodontal ligament cellsAvirut Truntipakorn; Anupong Makeudom; Thanapat Sastraruji; Prasit Pavasant; Kassara Pattamapun; Suttichai Krisanaprakornkit
12-Dec-2015Enhancement of salivary human neutrophil peptide 1-3 levels by probiotic supplementationOnnida Wattanarat; Anupong Makeudom; Thanapat Sastraruji; Supatcharin Piwat; Sukanya Tianviwat; Rawee Teanpaisan; Suttichai Krisanaprakornkit
1-Aug-2018Inhibitory effect of Thai propolis on human osteoclastogenesisNattaporn Wimolsantirungsri; Anupong Makeudom; Phumisak Louwakul; Thanapat Sastraruji; Pattama Chailertvanitkul; Chayarop Supanchart; Suttichai Krisanaprakornkit
1-Mar-2018O-GlcNAcylation in oral squamous cell carcinomaTassaporn Kongkaew; Win Pa Pa Aung; Chayarop Supanchart; Anupong Makeudom; Sarawat Langsa-ard; Thanapat Sastraruji; Ponlatham Chaiyarit; Suttichai Krisanaprakornkit
1-Jan-2018Overexpression of ADAM9 in oral squamous cell carcinomaPattaramon Tanasubsinn; Win Pa Pa Aung; Supansa Pata; Witida Laopajon; Anupong Makeudom; Thanapat Sastraruji; Watchara Kasinrerk; Suttichai Krisanaprakornkit
1-Mar-2014Positive correlations between hCAP18/LL-37 and chondroitin sulphate levels in chronic periodontitisAnupong Makeudom; Samakorn Kulpawaropas; Pattanin Montreekachon; Sakornrat Khongkhunthian; Thanapat Sastraruji; Peraphan Pothacharoen; Prachya Kongtawelert; Suttichai Krisanaprakornkit
1-Dec-2016The preservative effect of Thai propolis extract on the viability of human periodontal ligament cellsAttaporn Prueksakorn; Subin Puasiri; Supanigar Ruangsri; Anupong Makeudom; Thanapat Sastraruji; Suttichai Krisanaprakornkit; Pattama Chailertvanitkul
1-Dec-2017Pro-inflammatory cytokine responses in human gingival epithelial cells after stimulation with cell wall extract of Aggregatibacter actinomycetemcomitans subtypesNuntiya Pahumunto; Pareena Chotjumlong; Anupong Makeudom; Suttichai Krisanaprakornkit; Gunnar Dahlen; Rawee Teanpaisan
1-Mar-2014Rapid diagnosis of tuberculosis by identification of Antigen 85 in mycobacterial culture systemPonrut Phunpae; Sakarin Chanwong; Chatchai Tayapiwatana; Napaporn Apiratmateekul; Anupong Makeudom; Watchara Kasinrerk
1-Jan-2019Reduced ADAM8 levels upon non-surgical periodontal therapy in patients with chronic periodontitisTanawat Nimcharoen; Win Pa Pa Aung; Anupong Makeudom; Thanapat Sastraruji; Sakornrat Khongkhunthian; Benyapha Sirinirund; Suttichai Krisanaprakornkit; Pattanin Montreekachon