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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016Bio-hydrogen Production from Rabbit Dung by Anaerobic Self-fermentationSucheera Laocharoen; Alissara Reungsang
2019Bioconversion of Crude Glycerol into 1,3-propanediol by an Anaerobic Mixed Microbial ConsortiumSureewan Sittijunda; Alissara Reungsang
2019Biogas production from single digestion of Napier grass hydrolysate and co-digestion of solid fraction of microwave acid pretreated Napier grass with swine manurePrawit Kongjan; Alissara Reungsang; Naphatsarnan Phasukaratchai; Sureewan Sittijunda
2020Biohydrogen Production by Extremely Halophilic Bacteria from the Salt Pan of Samut Sakhon, ThailandDyah Asri Handayani Taroepratjeka; Tsuyoshi Imai; Prapaipid Chairattanamanokorn; Alissara Reungsang
2018Biohydrogen Production from Crude Glycerol Using Anaerobic Mixed Cultures: Media Compositions OptimizationSureewan Sittijunda; Alissara Reungsang
2018Determining the Optimum Proportions of Cassava Starch Wastewater, Hydrogenic Effluent and Anaerobic Sludge for Methane ProductionParichat Wadjeam; Alissara Reungsang
1-Nov-2018Ethanol and phenylacetylcarbinol production processes of Candida tropicalis TISTR 5306 and Saccharomyces cerevisiae TISTR 5606 in fresh juices from longan fruit of various sizesRojarej Nunta; Charin Techapun; Ampin Kuntiya; Prasert Hanmuangjai; Churairat Moukamnerd; Julaluk Khemacheewakul; Sumeth Sommanee; Alissara Reungsang; Mallika Boonmee Kongkeitkajorn; Noppol Leksawasdi
2015Methane production from acidic effluent obtained from hydrogen fermentation process of food waste using continuous stirred tank reactorChakkrit Sreela-or; Sureewan Sittijunda; Alissara Reungsang
2019Simultaneous Saccharification and Fermentation for Ethanol Production from Rice Straw by Candida shehatae and Saccharomyces cerevisiaeMarika Ngamsirisomsakul; Prawphan Yuvadetkun; Alissara Reungsang; Mallika Boonmee Kongkeitkajorn