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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Nov-2021The C-terminally shortened analogs of a hexapeptide derived from Lingzhi hydrolysate with enhanced tyrosinase-inhibitory activitySucheewin Krobthong; Yodying Yingchutrakul; Pawitrabhorn Samutrtai; Kiattawee Choowongkomon
1-Jun-2022Discovery of a Multifunctional Octapeptide from Lingzhi with Antioxidant and Tyrosinase Inhibitory ActivityYodying Yingchutrakul; Sucheewin Krobthong; Kiattawee Choowongkomon; Phakorn Papan; Pawitrabhorn Samutrtai; Thanisorn Mahatnirunkul; Thitikorn Chomtong; Nitipol Srimongkolpithak; Theeranuch Jaroenchuensiri; Chanat Aonbangkhen
1-Jan-2022Evaluation of potential anti-metastatic and antioxidative abilities of natural peptides derived from Tecoma stans (L.) Juss. ex Kunth in A549 cellsSucheewin Krobthong; Yodying Yingchutrakul; Wattanapong Sittisaree; Tatpong Tulyananda; Pawitrabhorn Samutrtai; Kiattawee Choowongkomon; Udom Lao-On
1-Dec-2022A novel nanobody as therapeutics target for EGFR-positive colorectal cancer therapy: exploring the effects of the nanobody on SW480 cells using proteomics approachThomanai Lamtha; Sucheewin Krobthong; Yodying Yingchutrakul; Pawitrabhorn Samutrtai; Christopher Gerner; Lueacha Tabtimmai; Kiattawee Choowongkomon
1-Sep-2021Study of the lipolysis effect of nanoliposome-encapsulated Ganoderma lucidum protein hydrolysates on adipocyte cells using proteomics approachSucheewin Krobthong; Yodying Yingchutrakul; Wonnop Visessanguan; Thanisorn Mahatnirunkul; Pawitrabhorn Samutrtai; Chartchai Chaichana; Phakorn Papan; Kiattawee Choowongkomon
1-Dec-2022Using cell-free supernatant of Bacillus sp. AK3 in combination with Chlorella to remove harmful algal bloom species, TP, TN, and COD from waterDanuphon Boonbangkeng; Chairat Treesubsuntorn; Sucheewin Krobthong; Yodying Yingchutrakul; Jeeraporn Pekkoh; Paitip Thiravetyan
19-Apr-2022Utilizing Quantitative Proteomics to Identify Species-Specific Protein Therapeutic Targets for the Treatment of LeishmaniasisSucheewin Krobthong; Yodying Yingchutrakul; Pawitrabhorn Samutrtai; Atitaya Hitakarun; Suradej Siripattanapipong; Saovanee Leelayoova; Mathirut Mungthin; Kiattawee Choowongkomon