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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Jan-2018Isolated dentinogenesis imperfecta with glass-like enamel caused by COL1A2 mutationPiranit Nik Kantaputra; Wannapa Chinadet; Worrachet Intachai; Chumpol Ngamphiw; James R. Ketudat Cairns; Sissades Tongsima
1-Nov-2020Juberg-Hayward syndrome and Roberts syndrome are allelic, caused by mutations in ESCO2Piranit Nik Kantaputra; Prapai Dejkhamron; Sissades Tongsima; Chumpol Ngamphiw; Worrachet Intachai; Lukana Ngiwsara; Phannee Sawangareetrakul; Jisnuson Svasti; Bjorn Olsen; James R.Ketudat Cairns; Kanokkan Bumroongkit
1-Jul-2018Osteogenesis imperfecta with ectopic mineralizations in dentin and cementum and a COL1A2 mutationPiranit Nik Kantaputra; Yuddhasert Sirirungruangsarn; Worrachet Intachai; Chumpol Ngamphiw; Sissades Tongsima; Prapai Dejkhamron
1-Jul-2018Split hand-foot malformation and a novel WNT10B mutationPiranit Nik Kantaputra; Seema Kapoor; Prashant Verma; Worrachet Intachai; James R. Ketudat Cairns
1-Sep-2020Treacher Collins syndrome: A novel TCOF1 mutation and monopodial stapesPiranit Nik Kantaputra; Kanich Tripuwabhrut; Worrachet Intachai; Bruce M. Carlson; Natalina Quarto; Chumpol Ngamphiw; Sissades Tongsima; Nuntigar Sonsuwan
1-Jul-2020TRPS1 mutation associated with trichorhinophalangeal syndrome type 1 with 15 supernumerary teeth, hypoplastic mandibular condyles with slender condylar necks and unique hair morphologyPiranit Nik Kantaputra; Dhirawat Jotikasthira; Bruce Carlson; Teerapat Wongmaneerung; Natalina Quarto; Theerapong Khankasikum; Warit Powcharoen; Worrachet Intachai; Kanich Tripuwabhrut
1-Apr-2019WNT1-associated osteogenesis imperfecta with atrophic frontal lobes and arachnoid cystsPiranit Nik Kantaputra; Yuddhasert Sirirungruangsarn; Pannee Visrutaratna; Sasitorn Petcharunpaisan; Bruce M. Carlson; Worrachet Intachai; Jutamas Sudasna; Jatupol Kampuansai; Prapai Dejkhamron