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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
14-May-2013Detecting drought stress in longan tree using thermal imagingWinai Wirya-Alongkorn; Wolfram Spreer; Somchai Ongprasert; Klaus Spohrer; Tanachai Pankasemsuk; Joachim Müller
1-Jun-2015Development and assessment of different modeling approaches for size-mass estimation of mango fruits (Mangifera indica L., cv. 'Nam Dokmai')Katrin Schulze; Marcus Nagle; Wolfram Spreer; Busrakorn Mahayothee; Joachim Müller
1-Jan-2018Effect of storage conditions on the postharvest quality changes of fresh mango fruits for export during transportationEriko Yasunaga; Shinji Fukuda; Marcus Nagle; Wolfram Spreer
1-Oct-2012Harvest maturity detection for 'Nam Dokmai #4' mango fruit (Mangifera indica L.) in consideration of long supply chainsStefanie Kienzle; Pittaya Sruamsiri; Reinhold Carle; Suparat Sirisakulwat; Wolfram Spreer; Sybille Neidhart
1-Jul-2011Harvest maturity specification for mango fruit (Mangifera indica L. 'Chok Anan') in regard to long supply chainsStefanie Kienzle; Pittaya Sruamsiri; Reinhold Carle; Suparat Sirisakulwat; Wolfram Spreer; Sybille Neidhart
1-Jan-2016Influence of water supply on CO<inf>2</inf>concentration in the rootzone of split-root potted longan treesWinai Wiriya-Alongkorn; Wolfram Spreer; Somchai Ongprasert; Klaus Spohrer; Joachim Müller
1-Aug-2013Mango (Mangifera indica L. cv. Nam Dokmai) production in Northern Thailand-Costs and returns under extreme weather conditions and different irrigation treatmentsKatrin Schulze; Wolfram Spreer; Alwin Keil; Somchai Ongprasert; Joachim Müller
1-Jan-2018Mass estimation of mango fruits (Mangifera indica L., cv. ‘Nam Dokmai’) by linking image processing and artificial neural networkKatrin Utai; Marcus Nagle; Simone Hämmerle; Wolfram Spreer; Busarakorn Mahayothee; Joachim Müller
1-Jun-2014Modelling the relationship between peel colour and the quality of fresh mango fruit using Random ForestsShinji Fukuda; Eriko Yasunaga; Marcus Nagle; Kozue Yuge; Vicha Sardsud; Wolfram Spreer; Joachim Müller
1-Jan-2016Online monitoring system on controlled irrigation experiment for export quality mango in ThailandEriko Yasunaga; Shinji Fukuda; Wolfram Spreer; Daisuke Takata
1-Jan-2018Quality changes in fresh mango fruits (mangifera indica l. ‘nam dok mai’) under actual distribution temperature profile from Thailand to JapanEriko Yasunaga; Shinji Fukuda; Daisuke Takata; Wolfram Spreer; Vicha Sardsud; Kohei Nakano
1-Jan-2018Random forests as a tool for analyzing partial drought stress based on CO<inf>2</inf>concentrations in the rootzone of longan treesShinji Fukuda; Wolfram Spreer; Winai Wiriya-Alongkorn; Klaus Spohrer; Eriko Yasunaga; Chantalak Tiyayon
1-Jan-2015Real-time detection of root zone-CO<inf>2</inf>and its potential for irrigation schedulingKlaus Spohrer; Shamaila Zia-Khan; Wolfram Spreer; Joachim Müller
1-Jan-2018Sensors and monitoring for production and distribution of a tropical fruitShinji Fukuda; Wolfram Spreer; Marcus Nagle; Eriko Yasunaga
1-Jan-2007Water allocation and management in Northern Thailand: The case of mae sa watershedAndreas Neef; Chapika Sangkapitux; Wolfram Spreer; Peter Elstner; Liane Chamsai; Anne Bollen; Jirawan Kitchaicharoen