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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Sep-2020Experimental infection of Leishmania (Mundinia) martiniquensis in BALB/c mice and Syrian golden hamstersNuchpicha Intakhan; Wetpisit Chanmol; Apisek Kongkaew; Pradya Somboon; Michelle D. Bates; Paul A. Bates; Narissara Jariyapan
5-Mar-2014Identification of salivary gland proteins depleted after blood feeding in the malaria vector Anopheles campestris-like mosquitoes (Diptera: Culicidae)Sriwatapron Sor-suwan; Narissara Jariyapan; Sittiruk Roytrakul; Atchara Paemanee; Atchara Phumee; Benjarat Phattanawiboon; Nuchpicha Intakhan; Wetpisit Chanmol; Paul A. Bates; Atiporn Saeung; Wej Choochote
18-Jun-2018Leishmania (Mundinia) orientalis n. sp. (Trypanosomatidae), a parasite from Thailand responsible for localised cutaneous leishmaniasisNarissara Jariyapan; Teerada Daroontum; Krit Jaiwong; Wetpisit Chanmol; Nuchpicha Intakhan; Sriwatapron Sor-Suwan; Padet Siriyasatien; Pradya Somboon; Michelle D. Bates; Paul A. Bates
1-Jan-2014Midgut ultrastructure of fourth instar ochlerotatus togoi (Diptera: Culicidae)Nuchpicha Intakhan; Narissara Jariyapan; Wetpisit Chanmol; Sriwatapron Sor-Suwan; Benjarat Phattanawiboon; Atiporn Saeung; Wej Choochote; Paul A. Bates
1-Jul-2013Peritrophic matrix formation and Brugia malayi microfilaria invasion of the midgut of a susceptible vector, Ochlerotatus togoi (Diptera: Culicidae)Narissara Jariyapan; Atiporn Saeung; Nuchpicha Intakhan; Wetpisit Chanmol; Sriwatapron Sor-Suwan; Benjarat Phattanawiboon; Kritsana Taai; Wej Choochote
5-Sep-2022Stimulation of metacyclogenesis in Leishmania (Mundinia) orientalis for mass production of metacyclic promastigotesWetpisit Chanmol; Narissara Jariyapan; Kanok Preativatanyou; Chonlada Mano; Pongsri Tippawangkosol; Pradya Somboon; Paul A. Bates