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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2007Development of flow systems using a soap bubble for determination of some gaseous analytes = การพัฒนาระบบการไหลที่ใช้ฟองสบู่สำหรับการหาปริมาณสารบางชนิดในสถานะแก๊ส / Tinakorn KanyaneeTinakorn Kanyanee
29-Dec-2010Doped soap membranes selectively permeate a chiral isomerTinakorn Kanyanee; Jaroon Jakmunee; Kate Grudpan; Purnendu K. Dasgupta
1-Dec-2020Environmentally friendly liquid medium for a cost-effective long-path absorption liquid core waveguide with a gas diffusion flow analysis systemWasin Somboot; Jaroon Jakmunee; Tinakorn Kanyanee
1-Aug-2017An exploiting of cost-effective direct current conductivity detector in gas diffusion flow injection systemWasin Somboot; Jaroon Jakmunee; Tinakorn Kanyanee
1-Jan-2020Indirect (hydrogen-driven) electrodeposition of porous silver onto a palladium membraneTinakorn Kanyanee; Philip J. Fletcher; Elena Madrid; Frank Marken
1-Aug-2020Indirect photo-electrochemical detection of carbohydrates with Pt@g-C<inf>3</inf>N<inf>4</inf> immobilised into a polymer of intrinsic microporosity (PIM-1) and attached to a palladium hydrogen capture membraneYuanzhu Zhao; Joshua Dobson; Catajina Harabajiu; Elena Madrid; Tinakorn Kanyanee; Catherine Lyall; Shaun Reeksting; Mariolino Carta; Neil B. McKeown; Laura Torrente-Murciano; Kate Black; Frank Marken
1-Oct-2020Liquid handling employing a moving drop for electrokinetic sample introduction system for capillary zone electrophoresisKunchuma Ngamakarn; Narongporn Pungwiwat; Sunanta Wangkarn; Kate Grudpan; Tinakorn Kanyanee
29-May-2013Micro coulometric titration in a liquid dropTinakorn Kanyanee; Pongwasin Fuekhad; Kate Grudpan
15-Jul-2022Open tubular capillary ion chromatography with online dilution for small ions determination in drinksTinakorn Kanyanee; Kanlayarat Tianrungarun; Wasin Somboot; Chanida Puangpila; Jaroon Jakmunee
2020Seasonal Variation and Sources Estimation of PM2.5-Bound PAHs from the Ambient Air of Chiang Mai City: An All-year-round Study in 2017Sawaeng Kawichai; Tippawan Prapamontol; Somporn Chantara; Tinakorn Kanyanee; Wan Wiriya; Yan - Lin Zhang
1-Sep-2020Seasonal variation and sources estimation of PM2.5bound pahs from the ambient air of Chiang Mai City: An all-year-round study in 2017Sawaeng Kawichai; Tippawan Prapamontol; Somporn Chantara; Tinakorn Kanyanee; Wan Wiriya; Yan Lin Zhang
15-Apr-2006Soap bubbles in analytical chemistry. Conductometric determination of sub-parts per million levels of sulfur dioxide with a soap bubbleTinakorn Kanyanee; Walter L. Borst; Jaroon Jakmunee; Kate Grudpan; Jianzhong Li; Purnendu K. Dasgupta