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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Jun-2018The effect of a community mental health training program for multidisciplinary staffBing Xiang Yang; Teresa E. Stone; Scott A. Davis
1-Aug-2018Exploring Japanese nurses’ perceptions of the relevance and use of assertive communication in healthcare: A qualitative study informed by the Theory of Planned BehaviourMieko Omura; Teresa E. Stone; Jane Maguire; Tracy Levett-Jones
1-Jan-2015A grounded theory study of 'turning into a strong nurse': Earthquake experiences and perspectives on disaster nursing educationYan Li; Sue Turale; Teresa E. Stone; Marcia Petrini
1-Feb-2018Incidence, Type, Related Factors, and Effect of Workplace Violence on Mental Health Nurses: A Cross-sectional SurveyBing Xiang Yang; Teresa E. Stone; Marcia A. Petrini; Diana L. Morris
1-Feb-2020Mobile apps: An effective, inclusive and equitable way of delivering patient and nurse education?Teresa E. Stone; Yue Jia; Wipada Kunaviktikul
1-Jan-2019Sleep disturbances and related factors among nursesJindarat Chaiard; Jirawan Deeluea; Benjamas Suksatit; Wanpen Songkham; Nonglak Inta; Teresa E. Stone
1-Feb-2020Stigma towards depression in a community-based sample in ChinaFang Yang; Bing Xiang Yang; Teresa E. Stone; Xiao Qin Wang; Yang Zhou; Juan Zhang; Shu Fen Jiao
1-Jun-2017Swearing and verbal aggression in China: A call to actionYan Sun; Teresa E. Stone; Marcia A. Petrini
1-May-2018Translation and Adaptation of a Nursing Swearing Impact Questionnaire Into ChineseYan Sun; Teresa E. Stone; Bingxiang Yang; Marcia A. Petrini; Margaret McMillan