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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
5-Jan-2022Corrigendum to “Rational hapten design to produce high-quality antibodies against carbamate pesticides and development of immunochromatographic assays for simultaneous pesticide screening” [J. Hazard. Mater. 412 (2021) 125241] (Journal of Hazardous Materials (2021) 412, (S0304389421002041), (10.1016/j.jhazmat.2021.125241))Zi Jian Chen; Hui Ling Wu; Zhi Li Xiao; Hui Jun Fu; Yu Dong Shen; Lin Luo; Hong Wang; Hong Tao Lei; Surat Hongsibsong; Zhen Lin Xu
1-Jan-2014Cross validation of gas chromatography-flame photometric detection and gas chromatography-mass spectrometry methods for measuring dialkylphosphate metabolites of organophosphate pesticides in human urineTippawan Prapamontol; Kunrunya Sutan; Sompong Laoyang; Surat Hongsibsong; Grace Lee; Yukiko Yano; Ronald Elton Hunter; P. Barry Ryan; Dana Boyd Barr; Parinya Panuwet
1-Jan-2014Determination of nitrate in the edible part of vegetables from markets around Chiang Mai city, Northern Thailand by using high performance liquid chromatographySurat Hongsibsong; Watcharapon Polyiem; Warangkana Narksen; Tanyaporn Kerdnoi; Tippawan Prapamontol
11-Jan-2012Development and application of an indirect competitive enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay for the detection of p, p ′-DDE in human milk and comparison of the results against GC-ECDSurat Hongsibsong; Jiraprapa Wipasa; Mookda Pattarawarapan; Somporn Chantara; Wolfgang Stuetz; Francois Nosten; Tippawan Prapamontol
1-Jan-2020Development of an Immunoassay for the Detection of Amyloid Beta 1-42 and Its Application in Urine SamplesAnurak Wongta; Surat Hongsibsong; Somporn Chantara; Mookda Pattarawarapan; Ratana Sapbamrer; Korawan Sringarm; Zhen Lin Xu; Hong Wang
Jun-2021Development of high sensitivity nanobody for determining biomarker of Alzheimer’s disease and chlorpyrifos exposureSurat Hongsibsong; Somporn Chantara; Mookda Pattawarapan; Ratana Sapbamrer; Korawan Sringarm; Zhen-Lin Xu; Anurak Wongta
2011Development of Immunoassay for detecting vector control insecticides in human milk samples from Malaria Endemic area = การพัฒนาอิมมิวโนแอสเซย์สำหรับการตรวจวัดสารฆ่าแมลงควบคุมพาหะนำโรคในตัวอย่างน้ำนมมนุษย์จากพื้นที่ที่มีการระบาดของมาลาเรีย / Surat HongsibsongSurat Hongsibsong
1-May-2020Development of personal protective clothing for reducing exposure to insecticides in pesticide applicatorsManoch Naksata; Anucha Watcharapasorn; Surat Hongsibsong; Ratana Sapbamrer
1-Jan-2014Dietary exposure to continuous small doses of α-cypermethrin in the presence or absence of dietary curcumin does not induce oxidative stress in male Wistar ratsSurat Hongsibsong; Wolfgang Stuetz; Nadine Sus; Tippawan Prapamontol; Tilman Grune; Jan Frank
2-Feb-2022Differences in Knowledge, Awareness, Practice, and Health Symptoms in Farmers Who Applied Organophosphates and Pyrethroids on FarmsAjchamon Thammachai; Ratana Sapbamrer; Juthasiri Rohitrattana; Siam Tongprasert; Surat Hongsibsong; Kampanat Wangsan
1-Jan-2022Direct Synthesis of N-Monosubstituted Benzimidazol-2-ones via Ph <inf>3</inf>P-I <inf>2</inf>-Mediated Reaction of Hydroxamic AcidsNittaya Wiriya; Dolnapa Yamano; Surat Hongsibsong; Mookda Pattarawarapan; Wong Phakhodee
4-Dec-2020Divergent Synthesis of Methylisatoid and Tryptanthrin Derivatives by Ph<inf>3</inf>P-I<inf>2</inf>-Mediated Reaction of Isatins with and without AlcoholsMookda Pattarawarapan; Nittaya Wiriya; Surat Hongsibsong; Wong Phakhodee
1-Nov-2019DNA damage and adverse neurological outcomes among garlic farmers exposed to organophosphate pesticidesRatana Sapbamrer; Surat Hongsibsong; Nalin Sittitoon; Patchareeya Amput
1-Jun-2021Effect of ethanolic caesalpinia sappan fraction on in vitro antiviral activity against porcine reproductive and respiratory syndrome virusChaiwat Arjin; Surat Hongsibsong; Kidsadagon Pringproa; Mintra Seel-Audom; Warintorn Ruksiriwanich; Kunrunya Sutan; Sarana Rose Sommano; Korawan Sringarm
1-Jan-2021Effectiveness of a Participatory Program on Pesticide Use Behavior and Blood Cholinesterase Levels in Chiang Mai Province, Northern ThailandNootchakarn Sawarng; Surat Hongsibsong; Ratana Sapbamrer; Anurak Wongta; Phannika Tongjai
1-Jun-2019Effects of prenatal and postnatal exposure to organophosphate pesticides on child neurodevelopment in different age groups: a systematic reviewRatana Sapbamrer; Surat Hongsibsong
1-Mar-2022Efficiency of Gum Rosin-Coated Personal Protective Clothing to Protect against Chlorpyrifos Exposure in ApplicatorsRatana Sapbamrer; Manoch Naksata; Surat Hongsibsong; Jiraporn Chittrakul; Wilawan Chaiut
1-Jul-2021The efficiency of various household processing for removing chlorpyrifos and cypermethrin in Chinese kale and PakchoiPhannika Tongjai; Surat Hongsibsong; Ratana Sapbamrer
1-Oct-2020Enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay based on light absorption of enzymatically generated aniline oligomer: Flow injection analysis for 3-phenoxybenzoic acid with anti-3-phenoxybenzoic acid monoclonal antibodyRyoichi Ishimatsu; Shinichi Shimizu; Surat Hongsibsong; Koji Nakano; Chacriya Malasuk; Yuji Oki; Kinichi Morita
1-Jan-2019Exposure of consumers and farmers to organophosphate and synthetic pyrethroid insecticides in Northern ThailandSurat Hongsibsong; Tippawan Prapamontol; Jie Xian Dong; Candace S. Bever; Zhen Lin Xu; Shirley J. Gee; Bruce D. Hammock