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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1996Seasonal variation of disseminated Penicillium marneffei infections in northern Thailand: a clue to the reservoir?Chariyalertsak S.; Sirisanthana T.; Supparatpinyo K.; Nelson KE.
2007Sensitivity and specificity of using CD4+ measurement and clinical evaluation to determine antiretroviral treatment failure in ThailandChaiwarith R.; Wachirakaphan C.; Kotarathititum W.; Praparatanaphan J.; Sirisanthana T.; Supparatpinyo K.
2011Streptococcus agalactiae in adults at chiang mai university hospital: A retrospective studyChaiwarith R.; Jullaket W.; Bunchoo M.; Nuntachit N.; Sirisanthana T.; Supparatpinyo K.
2006Streptococcus suis infection: a series of 41 cases from Chiang Mai University HospitalWangkaew S.; Chaiwarith R.; Tharavichitkul P.; Supparatpinyo K.
2012Treatment outcomes of patients co-infected with tuberculosis and HIV at Chiang Mai University Hospital, ThailandLimmahakhun S.; Chaiwarith R.; Nuntachit N.; Sirisanthana T.; Supparatpinyo K.
2011Two-year safety and tolerability study of enfuvertide use in salvage therapy of Thai HIV-1 experienced casesPrasithsirikul W.; Hanvanich M.; Suwanagool S.; Ratanasuwan W.; Anekthananon T.; Techasathit W.; Supparatpinyo K.; Viphagool A.
2013Undertreatment of Pain in HIV+ Adults in ThailandRobbins N.M.; Chaiklang K.; Supparatpinyo K.
-Western immunoblot analysis of protein antigens of Penicillium marneffeiVanittanakom N.; Mekaprateep M.; Sittisombut N.; Supparatpinyo K.; Kanjanasthiti P.; Nelson KE.; Sirisanthana T.