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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2009Effect of high-dose fluconazole on QT interval in patients with human immunodeficiency virus (HIV)-associated cryptococcal meningitisManosuthi W.; Sungkanuparph S.; Anekthananon T.; Supparatpinyo K.; Nolen T.L.; Zimmer L.O.; Pappas P.G.; Larsen R.A.; Filler S.G.; Chetchotisakd P.
1-May-2012Efficacy and safety of rilpivirine (TMC278) versus efavirenz at 48 weeks in treatment-naive HIV-1-infected patients: Pooled results from the phase 3 double-blind randomized ECHO and THRIVE trialsCohen C.; Molina J.; Cahn P.; Clotet B.; Fourie J.; Grinsztejn B.; Wu H.; Johnson M.; Saag M.; Supparatpinyo K.; Crauwels H.; Lefebvre E.; Rimsky L.; Vanveggel S.; Williams P.; Boven K.
1-Aug-2012Efficacy and Safety of Three Antiretroviral Regimens for Initial Treatment of HIV-1: A Randomized Clinical Trial in Diverse Multinational SettingsCampbell T.; Smeaton L.; Kumarasamy N.; Flanigan T.; Klingman K.; Firnhaber C.; Grinsztejn B.; Hosseinipour M.; Kumwenda J.; Lalloo U.; Riviere C.; Sanchez J.; Melo M.; Supparatpinyo K.; Tripathy S.; Martinez A.; Nair A.; Walawander A.; Moran L.; Chen Y.; Snowden W.; Rooney J.; Uy J.; Schooley R.; de Gruttola V.; Hakim J.; Swann E.; Barnett R.; Brizz B.; Delph Y.; Gettinger N.; Mitsuyasu R.; Eshleman S.; Safren S.; Fiscus S.; Andrade A.; Haas D.; Amod F.; Berthaud V.; Bollinger R.; Bryson Y.; Celentano D.; Chilongozi D.; Cohen M.; Collier A.; Currier J.; Cu-Uvin S.; Eron J.; Flexner C.; Gallant J.; Gulick R.; Hammer S.; Hoffman I.; Kazembe P.; Kumwenda N.; Lama J.; Lawrence J.; Maponga C.; Martinson F.; Mayer K.; Nielsen K.; Pendame R.; Ramratnam B.; Sanne I.; Severe P.; Sirisanthana T.; Solomon S.; Tabet S.; Taha T.; van der Horst C.; Wanke C.; Gormley J.; Marcus C.; Putnam B.; Ntshele S.; Loeliger E.; Pappa K.; Webb N.; Shugarts D.; Winters M.; Descallar R.; Steele J.; Wulfsohn M.; Said F.; Chen Y.; Martin J.; Bischofberger N.; Cheng A.; Jaffe H.; Sharma J.; Poongulali S.; Cardoso S.; Faria D.; Berendes S.; Burke K.; Mngqibisa R.; Kanyama C.; Kayoyo V.; Samaneka W.; Chisada A.
1992An efficacy study of itraconazole in the treatment of Penicillium marneffei infectionSupparatpinyo K.; Chiewchanvit S.; Hirunsri P.; Baosoung V.; Uthammachai C.; Chaimongkol B.; Sirisanthana T.
-Epidemiology and management of penicilliosis in human immunodeficiency virus-infected patientsSirisanthana T.; Supparatpinyo K.
2011Epidemiology of adult candidemia at Chiang Mai University HospitalChaiwarith R.; Ounbang P.; Khamwan C.; Nuntachit N.; Sirisanthana T.; Supparatpinyo K.
2008Guidelines for antiretroviral therapy in HIV-1 infected adults and adolescents: The recommendations of the thai AIDS society (TAS) 2008Sungkanuparph S.; Anekthananon T.; Hiransuthikul N.; Bowonwatanuwong C.; Supparatpinyo K.; Mootsikapun P.; Chetchotisakd P.; Kiertiburanakul S.; Tansuphaswadikul S.; Buppanharun W.; Manosuthi W.; Techasathit W.; Ratanasuwan W.; Tantisiriwat W.; Suwanagool S.; Leechawengwongs M.; Ruxrungtham K.
6Herpes simplex virus type 2 acquisition among HIV-1-infected adults treated with Tenofovir disoproxyl fumarate as part of combination antiretroviral therapy: Results from the ACTG A5175 PEARLS studyCelum C.; Hong T.; Cent A.; Donnell D.; Morrow R.; Baeten J.; Firnhaber C.; Grinsztejn B.; Hosseinipour M.; Lalloo U.; Nyirenda M.; Riviere C.; Sanchez J.; Santos B.; Supparatpinyo K.; Hakim J.; Kumarasamy N.; Campbell T.
5Identification of novel biomarkers for adult-onset-immunodeficiency (AOID) syndrome using serum proteomicsWongtrakul J.; Thongtan T.; Roytrakul S.; Praparattanapan J.; Wipasa J.; Kumrapich B.; Supparatpinyo K.
4-Jan-2016Immune alterations in patients with anti-interferon-γ autoantibodiesChruewkamlow N.; Mahasongkram K.; Pata S.; Chaiwarith R.; Salee P.; Supparatpinyo K.; Kasinrerk W.
2011Impact of HIV-1 viral load on genotypic characteristics among patients failing non-nucleoside reverse trancriptase inhibitor-based first-line regimens in Northern ThailandPraparattanapan J.; Kotarathitithum W.; Chaiwarith R.; Nuntachit N.; Sirsisanthana T.; Supparatpinyo K.; Tragoolpua Y.
2011Impact of HIV-1 viral load on genotypic characteristics among patients failing non-nucleoside reverse trancriptase inhibitor-based first-line regimens in Northern ThailandPraparattanapan J.; Kotarathitithum W.; Chaiwarith R.; Nuntachit N.; Sirsisanthana T.; Supparatpinyo K.; Tragoolpua Y.
2011Impact of the frequency of plasma HIV-1 RNA monitoring on the outcome of antiretroviral therapyChaiwarith R.; Praparattanapan J.; Nuntachit N.; Kotarathitithum W.; Sirisanthana T.; Supparatpinyo K.
1-Sep-2012Improved neuropsychological and neurological functioning across three antiretroviral regimens in diverse resource-limited settings: Aids clinical trials group study A5199, the international neurological studyRobertson K.; Jiang H.; Kumwenda J.; Supparatpinyo K.; Evans S.; Campbell T.; Price R.; Tripathy S.; Kumarasamy N.; La Rosa A.; Santos B.; Silva M.; Montano S.; Kanyama C.; Faesen S.; Murphy R.; Hall C.; Marra C.; Marcus C.; Berzins B.; Allen R.; Housseinipour M.; Amod F.; Sanne I.; Hakim J.; Walawander A.; Nair A.
2013Improvement of the oligonucleotide ligation assay for detection of the M184V drug-resistant mutation in patients infected with human immunodeficiency virus type 1 subtype CRF01_AEDokuta S.; Utaipat U.; Praparattanapan J.; Keitkarn J.; Maneekarn N.; Sirisanthana T.; Supparatpinyo K.
2011Incidence and risk factors of antiretroviral treatment failure in treatment-naïve HIV-infected patients at Chiang Mai University Hospital, ThailandKhienprasit N.; Chaiwarith R.; Sirisanthana T.; Supparatpinyo K.
1-Aug-2016International neurocognitive normative study: neurocognitive comparison data in diverse resource-limited settings: AIDS Clinical Trials Group A5271Robertson K.; Jiang H.; Evans S.; Marra C.; Berzins B.; Hakim J.; Sacktor N.; Silva M.; Campbell T.; Nair A.; Schouten J.; With the 5271 study team; Kumwenda J.; Supparatpinyo K.; Tripathy S.; Kumarasamy N.; la Rosa A.; Montano S.; Mwafongo A.; Firnhaber C.; Sanne I.; Naini L.; Amod F.; Walawander A.
2011Itraconazole vs fluconazole as a primary prophylaxis for fungal infections in HIV-infected patients in ThailandChaiwarith R.; Fakthongyoo A.; Praparattanapan J.; Boonmee D.; Sirisanthana T.; Supparatpinyo K.
2009Long-term CD4 cell count recovery among Thai naive HIV-infected patients initiating HAART at low CD4 cell countChaiwarith R.; Salee P.; Kotarathitithum W.; Sirisanthana T.; Supparatpinyo K.
17-Jul-2012Lopinavir/ritonavir monotherapy after virologic failure of first-line antiretroviral therapy in resource-limited settingsBartlett J.; Ribaudo H.; Wallis C.; Aga E.; Katzenstein D.; Stevens W.; Norton M.; Klingman K.; Hosseinipour M.; Crump J.; Supparatpinyo K.; Badal-Faesen S.; Kallungal B.; Kumarasamy N.