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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Sep-2021Effect of fluoroscopic X-rays combined with iodinated radiographic contrast media on human hematological parametersBenjamaporn Supawat; Sakornniya Wattanapongpitak; Singkome Tima; Suchart Kothan; Montree Tungjai
1-Jul-2022Effect of iodinated radiographic contrast media on radioimmunoassay for measuring thyroid hormonesTarika Thumvijit; Benjamaporn Supawat; Sakornniya Wattanapongpitak; Suchart Kothan; Montree Tungjai
1-Dec-2022Effect of pre-low-dose irradiation on anticancer activities of gallic acid in leukemic K562 and K562/Dox cells: cell viability and cellular energetic state studiesKhin The Nu Aye; Sakornniya Wattanapongpitak; Benjamaporn Supawat; Suchart Kothan; Chatchanok Udomtanakunchai; Singkome Tima; Montree Tungjai
1-Dec-2020Effects of Gadolinium-based magnetic resonance imaging contrast media on red blood cells and K562 cancer cellsBenjamaporn Supawat; Phattharawadi Moungthong; Chananchida Chanloi; Natchaporn Jindachai; Singkome Tima; Suchart Kothan; Chatchanok Udomtanakunchai; Montree Tungjai
1-Jun-2019The Effects of Iodinated Radiographic Contrast Media on Multidrug-resistant K562/Dox Cells: Mitochondria Impairment and P-glycoprotein InhibitionBenjamaporn Supawat; Chatchanok Udomtanakunchai; Suchart Kothan; Montree Tungjai
1-Sep-2019The Effects of Medical Diagnostic Low Dose X-rays after in vitro Exposure of Human Red Blood Cells: Hemolysis and Osmotic FragilityMontree Tungjai; Jetchada Sopapang; Natdanai Tasri; Chanatip Osothsongkroh; Attapon Jantarato; Suchart Kothan
1-Jan-2021Effects of medical diagnostic X-rays delivered at 0.01 or 0.05 mGy on human blood cellsBenjamaporn Supawat; Jongchai Tinlapat; Rusleena Wongmahamad; Chuleekorn Silpmuang; Suchart Kothan; Montree Tungjai
1-Jan-2019Effects of obesity on the lipid and metabolite profiles of young adults by serum <sup>1</sup>H-NMR spectroscopyDuanghathai Pasanta; Sirirat Chancharunee; Montree Tungjai; Hong Joo Kim; Suchart Kothan
Mar-2023Effects of protein binding and low-dose radiation on anti-cancer activities of 4-hydroxybenzoic acid and 4-hydroxy-3-methoxybenzoic acid in leukemic K562 and multidrug resistant K562/Dox cell linesMontree Tungjai; Suchart Kothan; Singkome Tima; Ohnmar Myint
1-Dec-2011An Estimation of X-Radiation output using mathematic modelSuchart Kothan; Montree Tungjai
1-Jan-2018An evaluation of the antioxidant properties of iodinated radiographic contrast media: An in vitro studyMontree Tungjai; Singhadeth Sukantamala; Pimchanok Malasaem; Nathupakorn Dechsupa; Suchart Kothan
2-Dec-2020Fornix Integrity Is Differently Associated With Cognition in Healthy Aging and Non-amnestic Mild Cognitive Impairment: A Pilot Diffusion Tensor Imaging Study in Thai Older AdultsPatcharaporn Srisaikaew; Nahathai Wongpakaran; Nicole D. Anderson; J. Jean Chen; Suchart Kothan; Pairada Varnado; Kittisak Unsrisong; Pasuk Mahakkanukrauh
1-Oct-2021Gallic acid enhances pirarubicin-induced anticancer in living K562 and K562/Dox leukemia cancer cells through cellular energetic state impairment and P-glycoprotein inhibitionKhin Thenu Aye; Sakornniya Wattanapongpitak; Benjamaporn Supawat; Suchart Kothan; Chatchanok Udomtanakunchai; Singkome Tima; Jie Pan; Montree Tungjai
1-Jun-2021Identification of metabolic phenotypes in young adults with obesity by 1h nmr metabolomics of blood serumKhin Thandar Htun; Jie Pan; Duanghathai Pasanta; Montree Tungjai; Chatchanok Udomtanakunchai; Sirirat Chancharunee; Siriprapa Kaewjaeng; Hong Joo Kim; Jakrapong Kaewkhao; Suchart Kothan
1-Jun-2022The Incidence and Associated Risk Factors of Contrast-Induced Nephropathy after Contrast-Enhanced Computed Tomography in the Emergency Setting: A Systematic ReviewMei Yi Ong; Justin Jie Hui Koh; Suchart Kothan; Christopher Lai
1-Dec-2011Inhibition of human tumor xenograft growth in nude mice by a novel monoclonal anti-HSPG isolated from human liverPreeyanat Vongchan; Suchart Kothan; Yupanan Wutti-In; Robert J. Linhardt
1-Jan-2020Insulin negatively regulates dedifferentiation of mouse adipocytes in vitroLiguo Zang; Suchart Kothan; Yiyi Yang; Xiangyi Zeng; Lingmin Ye; Jie Pan
1-Feb-2021Investigation of gamma-ray induced optical property changes in non-doped and Ce-doped lithium-rich oxide glassYouwei Lai; Haoze Yu; Takuya Ishimoto; Marilou Cadatal-Raduban; Suchart Kothan; Pruittipol Limkitjaroenporn; Toshihiko Shimizu; Nobuhiko Sarukura; Jakrapong Kaewkhao; Kohei Yamanoi
1-Jan-2021THE LUMINESCENCE PROPERTIES AND LATENT FINGERPRINT IDENTIFICATION APPLICATION OF GD<inf>2</inf>MOB<inf>2</inf>O<inf>9</inf>:SM<sup>3+</sup> PHOSPHORNoppadon Chamchoi; Narong Sangwaranatee; R. Rajaramakrishna; Suchart Kothan; Onanong Chaemlek; Jakrapong Kaewkhao
1-Jan-2021LUMINESCENCE PROPERTIES OF DY<sup>3+</sup> IONS DOPED IN B<inf>2</inf>O<inf>3</inf>-AL<inf>2</inf>O<inf>3</inf>-CAO-NA<inf>2</inf>O GLASS FOR SOLID STATE LIGHTING APPLICATIONSYotsakit Ruangtaweep; Jakrapong Kaewkhao; Rajaramakrishna Rajanavaneethakrishna; Suchart Kothan; Narong Sangwaranatee