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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Oct-2017Kuguacin J isolated from bitter melon leaves modulates paclitaxel sensitivity in drug-resistant human ovarian cancer cellsPornsiri Pitchakarn; Sonthaya Umsumarng; Sariya Mapoung; Pisamai Ting; Piya Temviriyanukul; Wanisa Punfa; Wilart Pompimon; Pornngarm Limtrakul
15-Oct-2017Modulation of P-glycoprotein by Stemona alkaloids in human multidrug resistance leukemic cells and structural relationshipsSonthaya Umsumarng; Pornsiri Pitchakarn; Supachai Yodkeeree; Wanisa Punfa; Sariya Mapoung; Rosdayati Alino Ramli; Stephen G. Pyne; Pornngarm Limtrakul
1-May-2020Photochemoprotective effects of Spirulina platensis extract against UVB irradiated human skin fibroblastsSariya Mapoung; Punnida Arjsri; Pilaiporn Thippraphan; Warathit Semmarath; Supachai Yodkeeree; Siri Chiewchanvit; Wirawit Piyamongkol; Pornngarm Limtrakul
1-Dec-2021Photoprotective effects of a hyperoside-enriched fraction prepared from houttuynia cordata thunb. On ultraviolet B-induced skin aging in human fibroblasts through the MAPK signaling pathwaySariya Mapoung; Sonthaya Umsumarng; Warathit Semmarath; Punnida Arjsri; Kamonwan Srisawad; Pilaiporn Thippraphan; Supachai Yodkeeree; Pornngarm Dejkriengkraikul
1-Apr-2021Skin wound-healing potential of polysaccharides from medicinal mushroom auricularia auricula-judae (Bull.)Sariya Mapoung; Sonthaya Umsumarng; Warathit Semmarath; Punnida Arjsri; Pilaiporn Thippraphan; Supachai Yodkeeree; Limtrakul Pornngarm
1-Jul-2021Spirogyra neglecta (Hassall) K├╝tzing attenuates metastasis of castration-resistant human prostate cancer via the blockage of AKT signaling pathwayPunnida Arjsri; Jutarop Phetcharaburanin; Manida Suksawat; Sariya Mapoung; Chayaporn Subkamkaew; Warathit Semmarath; Supachai Yodkeeree; Pornngarm Limtrakul (Dejkriengkraikul)