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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Jun-2013Development of an assessment tool for motor praxis ability in children aged 5-8 yearsKorrawan Ruttanathantong; Sarinya Sriphetcharawut; Alongkot Emasithi; Jiamjit Saengsuwan; Jittima Saengsuwan; Wantana Siritaratiwat
1-Jan-2017Effectiveness of information processing strategy training on academic task performance in children with learning disabilities: A pilot studySutinun Juntorn; Sarinya Sriphetcharawut; Peeraya Munkhetvit
2-Oct-2017Effectiveness of therapeutic programs for students with ADHD with executive function deficitsNapalai Chaimaha; Sarinya Sriphetcharawut; Suchitporn Lersilp; Supaporn Chinchai
1-Jan-2017International occupational therapy research priorities: A delphi studyLynette Mackenzie; Susan Coppola; Liliana Alvarez; Lolita Cibule; Sergey Maltsev; Siew Yim Loh; Tecla Mlambo; Moses N. Ikiugu; Zdenka Pihlar; Sarinya Sriphetcharawut; Sue Baptiste; Richard Ledgerd
1-Jan-2020Occupational therapists’ experiences and perspectives towards occupation-based practice in Thailand: A mixed-methods studyAnuchart Kaunnil; Supalak Khemthong; Sarinya Sriphetcharawut; Peeradech Thichanpiang; Veerawat Sansri; Surachart Thongchoomsin; Kannika Permpoonputtana; Cristina R. Smith
1-Jan-2013Performance of motor imitation in children with and without dyspraxiaKorrawan Ruttanathantong; Wantana Siritaratiwat; Sarinya Sriphetcharawut; Alongkot Emasithi; Jiamjit Saengsuwan; Jittima Saengsuwan
1-Jan-2014Reliability of the dynamic occupational therapy cognitive assessment for children (DOTCA-CH): Thai version of orientation, spatial perception, and thinking operations subtestsThikamporn Rangson; Supaporn Chinchai; Sarinya Sriphetcharawut; Suchitporn Lersilp