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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
15-Jun-2009Common fixed points of a nonexpansive semigroup and a convergence theorem for Mann iterations in geodesic metric spacesS. Dhompongsa; W. Fupinwong; A. Kaewkhao
1-Feb-2009Edelstein's method and fixed point theorems for some generalized nonexpansive mappingsS. Dhompongsa; W. Inthakon; A. Kaewkhao
1-Feb-2011Fixed point properties of C*-algebrasS. Dhompongsa; W. Fupinwong; W. Lawton
30-Nov-2005Fixed point property of direct sumsS. Dhompongsa; A. Kaewcharoen; A. Kaewkhao
1-Jan-2010The fixed point property of unital abelian banach algebrasW. Fupinwong; S. Dhompongsa
1-Mar-2011A fixed point theorem for pointwise eventually nonexpansive mappings in nearly uniformly convex Banach spacesT. Butsan; S. Dhompongsa; W. Takahashi
16-Sep-2011Fixed point theorems by ways of ultra-asymptotic centersS. Dhompongsa; N. Nanan
1-Dec-2009Fixed point theorems for nonexpansive mappings and Suzuki-generalized nonexpansive mappings on a Banach latticeS. Dhompongsa; A. Kaewcharoen
1-Apr-2010Fixed point theorems for nonlinear mappings and strict convexity of banach spacesS. Dhompongsa; W. Fupinwong; W. Takahashi; J. C. Yao
15-Aug-2006Fixed points of uniformly lipschitzian mappingsS. Dhompongsa; W. A. Kirk; Brailey Sims
1-Dec-2017A graphical proof of the brouwer fixed point theoremN. Chuensupantharat; P. Kumam; S. Dhompongsa
15-Aug-2006The Jordan-von Neumann constants and fixed points for multivalued nonexpansive mappingsS. Dhompongsa; T. Domínguez Benavides; A. Kaewcharoen; A. Kaewkhao; B. Panyanak
15-Dec-2005Lim's theorems for multivalued mappings in CAT(0) spacesS. Dhompongsa; A. Kaewkhao; B. Panyanak
4-Mar-2013Modified Ishikawa iteration process for two nonexpansive semigroups in CAT(0) spacessM. Eslamian; S. Dhompongsa
30-Mar-2006A note on properties that imply the fixed point propertyS. Dhompongsa; A. Kaewkhao
1-Jan-2012On Kirk's strong convergence theorem for multivalued nonexpansive mappings on CAT(0) spacesS. Dhompongsa; A. Kaewkhao; B. Panyanak
15-Apr-2007On topological properties of the Choquet weak convergence of capacity functionals of random setsS. Dhompongsa; A. Kaewkhao; S. Saejung
1-Nov-2008On △-convergence theorems in CAT(0) spacesS. Dhompongsa; B. Panyanak
1-Dec-2015A simple proof of the brouwer fixed point theoremS. Dhompongsa; J. Nantadilok
1-Aug-2010Strong convergence theorems by hybrid methods for families of relatively nonexpansive mappings in Hilbert spacesT. Butsan; S. Dhompongsa; W. Takahashi