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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2008Effects of microwave heating on sonocatalyzed hydrothermal preparation of lead titanate nanopowdersTapala S.; Thammajak N.; Laorattanakul P.; Rujiwatra A.
2007Effects of milling time and calcination condition on phase formation and particle size of lead zirconate nanopowders prepared by vibro-millingKhamman O.; Sarakonsri T.; Rujiwatra A.; Laosiritaworn Y.; Yimnirun R.; Ananta S.
2005Ethane-1,2-diaminium hexaaquazinc(ll) sulfateRujiwatra A.; Limtrakul J.
2009Fabrication and dielectric properties of lead titanate nanocompositesWongmaneerung R.; Rujiwatra A.; Yimnirun R.; Ananta S.
2013A Flexible Hexacarboxylate-Samarium(III) Metal-Organic Framework: Synthesis, Structure and Spectroscopic PropertiesSurinwong S.; Yotnoi B.; Prior T.J.; Rujiwatra A.
2007Hydrothermal crystal growth, structures and thermal properties of Co(II)-4,4′-bipyridine-based coordination polymeric materialsLuachan S.; Pakawatchai C.; Rujiwatra A.
2010Hydrothermal synthesis of lead titanate fine powders at water boiling temperatureChankaew C.; Rujiwatra A.
2009Intercalated brucite-type layered cobalt(II) hydroxysulfateYotnoi B.; Luachan S.; Prior T.J.; Rujiwatra A.
2011Lanthanide sulfate frameworks: Synthesis, structure, and optical propertiesYotnoi B.; Rujiwatra A.; Reddy M.L.P.; Sarma D.; Natarajan S.
2009Microwave assisted crystal growth of a new organic-decavanadate assembly: [V10O27(OH)] · 2(C6N2H14) · (C6N2H13) · (C6N2H12) · 2H2OYotnoi B.; Yimklan S.; Prior T.J.; Rujiwatra A.
2011Microwave synthesis and crystal structures of two cobalt-4,4′- bipyridine-sulfate frameworks constructed from 1-D coordination polymers linked by hydrogen bondingPrior T.J.; Yotnoi B.; Rujiwatra A.
2011Microwave-assisted hydrothermal synthesis of lead zirconate fine powdersTapala S.; Rujiwatra A.
2012Microwave-assisted S NAr reaction of 2,4,6-trichloro-1,3,5-triazine for the rapid synthesis of C 3-symmetrical polycarboxylate ligandsKaruehanon W.; Fanfuenha W.; Rujiwatra A.; Pattarawarapan M.
2014A new 1D coordination polymer of lanthanum-sulfate-1,10-phenanthroline: Synthesis, structure, and photoluminescence propertyYotnoi B.; Meundaeng N.; Rujiwatra A.
2012New polymorph of 1,3,5-triazine-2,4,6-triaminehexaacetic acidTapala W.; Karuehanon W.; Pattarawarapan M.; Rujiwatra A.
2006One-pot hydrothermal synthesis of highly dispersed, phase-pure and stoichiometric lead zirconateRujiwatra A.; Tapala S.; Luachan S.; Khamman O.; Ananta S.
-A second crystal form of [Ni(2,2′-bipyridine)(H2O)3(NO3)](NO3) featuring a different molecular orientationRujiwatra A.; Yimklan S.; Prior T.J.
2004A selective preparation of phillipsite and sodalite from perliteRujiwatra A.
2005Selective synthesis of zeolitic phillipsite and hibschite hydrogarnet from lignite ash employing calcium hydroxide under mild conditionsRujiwatra A.; Phueadpho M.; Grudpan K.
2014A series of new microporous lanthanide frameworks [Ln(C8H 3NO6)(L)0.5(H2O)]·3H 2O (Ln = Pr, Nd, Sm and Gd, and L = C8H4O 4 or C8H4O4/C8H 3NO6): Syntheses, characterization and photoluminescence propertiesPanyarat K.; Prior T.J.; Rujiwatra A.