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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Dec-2015Development of an external rubber-clay plaster stabilized with alkaline sodium silicate to improve adobe wall rain resistancePitiwat Wattanachai; Eakphisit Banjongkliang; Rattapoohm Parichatprecha
1-Jan-2019The effect of bottom ash replacement as fine aggregate on the property of shotcreteSattaya Chaiwithee; Pitiwat Wattanachai; Pisut Rodvinij
1-Jan-2019The effect of FGD gypsum addition in the mixture of shotcrete used bottom ash as fine aggregatePisut Rodvinij; Pitiwat Wattanachai; Sattaya Chaiwithee
1-Jan-2015Evaluation of strength and microstructure of adobe stabilized with blended rubber latex and sodium silicateEakphisit Banjongkliang; Pitiwat Wattanachai; Rattapoohm Parichatprecha
1-Jan-2017Influence of claystone deterioration on shear strength of backfillPisut Rodvinij; Pitiwat Wattanachai
1-Jan-2018Pre-dry mixing process of low carbon alkaline-activated cement: Properties and advantages in practical work of constructionTeewara Suwan; Sakonwan Hanjitsuwan; Gediminas Kastiukas; Pitiwat Wattanachai
1-Jan-2017Properties and Internal Curing of Concrete Containing Recycled Autoclaved Aerated Lightweight Concrete as AggregateTeewara Suwan; Pitiwat Wattanachai
29-Jun-2017Strength of Geopolymer Cement Curing at Ambient Temperature by Non-Oven Curing Approaches: An OverviewPitiwat Wattanachai; Teewara Suwan
1-Jan-2018Value added product of lightweight cement from industrial by-products using geopolymer techniqueTeewara Suwan; Boontarika Paphawasit; Xiangming Zhou; Pitiwat Wattanachai