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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
8-Sep-2022Pharmacological interventions for hidradenitis suppurativa: a protocol for systematic review and network meta-analysis of randomised trials and non-randomised studiesNaritthorn Aroonsakul; Phichayut Phinyo; Lalita Lumkul; Nutcha Jarupanich; Jacek Szepietowski; Mati Chuamanochan; Surapon Nochaiwong
1-Jul-2020Pragmatic accuracy of an in-house loopmediated isothermal amplification (LAMP) for diagnosis of pulmonary tuberculosis in a Thai community hospitalSarawut Toonkomdang; Phichayut Phinyo; Benjawan Phetsuksiri; Jayanton Patumanond; Janisara Rudeeaneksin; Wiphat Klayut
1-Oct-2021Pre-screening Ability of the Functional-Belief-Based Alcohol Use Questionnaire (FBAQ) among Chiang Mai University Undergraduates: An External Validation StudyPhichayut Phinyo; Nat Ungrungseesopon; Nutthida Namsongwong; Onwara Visavakul; Sirawit Chaiya; Thanatat Wattananukorn; Sirada Lo Buglio; Supawitch Chotirosniramit; Apitchaya Wannatung; Ekkamon Dilokkhamaruk; Chaisiri Angkurawaranon; Wichuda Jiraporncharoen; Nalinee Yingchankul
1-Oct-2021Predicting Survival in Thai Patients After Low Impact Hip Fracture Using Flexible Parametric Modelling: A Retrospective Cohort StudyPichitchai Atthakomol; Worapaka Manosroi; Phichayut Phinyo; Tanyong Pipanmekaporn; Tanawat Vaseenon; Sattaya Rojanasthien
18-Aug-2022Predictive factors of clinical success after adrenalectomy in primary aldosteronism: A systematic review and meta-analysisWorapaka Manosroi; Pichitchai Atthakomol; Phichayut Phinyo; Piti Inthaphan
1-Jan-2022Preoperative Correction of Low Hemoglobin Levels Can Reduce 1-Year All-Cause Mortality in Osteoporotic Hip Fracture Patients: A Retrospective Observational StudyWorapaka Manosroi; Pichitchai Atthakomol; Natthanaphop Isaradech; Phichayut Phinyo; Tanawat Vaseenon
1-Mar-2022Prevalence and Associated Factors of Depression in Medical Students in a Northern Thailand University: A Cross-Sectional StudySuwatthanachai Phomprasith; Nuntaporn Karawekpanyawong; Kanokporn Pinyopornpanish; Wichuda Jiraporncharoen; Benchalak Maneeton; Phichayut Phinyo; Suppachai Lawanaskol
1-Jun-2020Prognostic factors for all-cause mortality in thai patients with fragility fracture of hip: Comorbidities and laboratory evaluationsPichitchai Atthakomol; Worapaka Manosroi; Phichayut Phinyo; Tanyong Pipanmekaporn; Tanawat Vaseenon; Sattaya Rojanasthien
1-Jul-2021Prognostic factors of 1-year postoperative functional outcomes of older patients with intertrochanteric fractures in thailand: A retrospective cohort studyNath Adulkasem; Phichayut Phinyo; Jiraporn Khorana; Dumnoensun Pruksakorn; Theerachai Apivatthakakul
1-Apr-2022Prognostic Factors of the Inability to Bear Self-Weight at Discharge in Patients with Fragility Femoral Neck Fracture: A 5-Year Retrospective Cohort Study in ThailandPaween Tangchitphisut; Jiraporn Khorana; Phichayut Phinyo; Jayanton Patumanond; Sattaya Rojanasthien; Theerachai Apivatthakakul
27-May-2020Prognostic indicators for in-hospital mortality in COPD with acute exacerbation in Thailand: a retrospective cohort studyThotsaporn Morasert; Methus Jantarapootirat; Phichayut Phinyo; Jayanton Patumanond
1-Jan-2022Prognostic Value of Ankle-Brachial Index in Prediction of Cardiovascular Events in an Asian Population with Multiple Atherosclerotic Risk FactorsPannipa Suwannasom; Phichayut Phinyo; Krit Leemasawat; Ply Chichareon; Teerapat Nantsupawat; Nichanan Osataphan; Tasalak Thonghong; Saranyou Suwanugsorn; Chaiyasith Wongvipaporn; Arintaya Phrommintikul
1-Aug-2021Reducible nonunited type ii odontoid fracture with atlantoaxial instability: Outcomes of two different fixation techniquesTorphong Bunmaprasert; Vorapop Trirattanapikul; Nantawit Sugandhavesa; Areerak Phanphaisarn; Wongthawat Liawrungrueang; Phichayut Phinyo
1-Dec-2021Risk factors and outcomes of post-traumatic endophthalmitis: a retrospective single-center studyNawat Watanachai; Janejit Choovuthayakorn; Susama Chokesuwattanaskul; Chaipot Photcharapongsakul; Praelada Wongsirimeteekul; Phichayut Phinyo; Voraporn Chaikitmongkol; Paradee Kunavisarut; Pongsant Supreeyathitikul; Direk Patikulsila
1-May-2021Risk factors for postpartum hemorrhage in a thai–myanmar border community hospital: A nested case-control studyWaraporn Thepampan; Nuchsara Eungapithum; Krittai Tanasombatkul; Phichayut Phinyo
1-Sep-2022Therapeutic outcomes and prognostic factors in patients with hypertrophic herpes simplex infection treated with imiquimod: A systematic review and meta-analysis of individual patient data from case reports and case seriesCharussri Leeyaphan; Yanisorn Nanchaipruek; Phichayut Phinyo
1-Dec-2021Time-dependent treatment effects of metronomic chemotherapy in unfit AML patients: a secondary analysis of a randomised controlled trialPhichayut Phinyo; Jayanton Patumanond; Saranya Pongudom
1-Jan-2021Transferability of the early-stage ovarian malignancy (EOM) score: an external validation study that includes advanced-stage and metastatic ovarian cancerPhichayut Phinyo; Jayanton Patumanond; Panprapha Saenrungmuaeng; Watcharin Chirdchim; Tanyong Pipanmekaporn; Apichat Tantraworasin; Theera Tongsong; Charuwan Tantipalakorn
1-Jan-2020Ultrafiltration rates and intradialytic hypotension: A case–control sampling of pooled haemodialysis dataChitrada Thongdee; Phichayut Phinyo; Jayanton Patumanond; Bancha Satirapoj; Nantana Spilles; Boonruksa Laonapaporn; Pichaya Tantiyavarong; Adis Tasanarong