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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Jan-2021Japan and Thailand: A Cross National Comparison of COVID 19 Impact on University Student Health and Well-BeingAkihiro Masuyama; Daichi Sugawara; Nuntaporn Karawekpanyawong; Phanida Juntasopeepun; Surinporn Likhitsathian; Alexander Reznik; Richard Isralowitz
1-Jan-2013Palliative Care Nursing Interventions in ThailandArdith Z. Doorenbos; Phanida Juntasopeepun; Linda H. Eaton; Tessa Rue; Elizabeth Hong; Amy Coenen
1-Sep-2018Parental acceptance of HPV vaccines in Chiang Mai, ThailandPhanida Juntasopeepun; Kanjana Thana
1-Jul-2022Predictors of Male Nurses’ Intention to Stay in Emergency Department and Intensive Care Unit: A Cross-sectional StudyXiaochen Lyu; Thitinut Akkadechanunt; Pratum Soivong; Phanida Juntasopeepun
1-Jan-2019Psychometric evaluation of the Nurse Competence Scale: A cross-sectional studyPhanida Juntasopeepun; Sue Turale; Haruka Kawabata; Hunsa Thientong; Yuko Uesugi; Hiroya Matsuo
1-Sep-2022A qualitative systematic review on the lived experience of men in nursingXiaochen Lyu; Thitinut Akkadechanunt; Pratum Soivong; Phanida Juntasopeepun; Ratanawadee Chontawan
1-Oct-2021Social transformation and social isolation of older adults: Digital technologies, nursing, healthcareRozzano C. Locsin; Gil P. Soriano; Phanida Juntasopeepun; Wipada Kunaviktikul; Lorraine S. Evangelista
1-Jan-2014Strengthening Nursing Education in Three Southeast Asian Countries Program (SNESEA): A model for addressing the nursing shortage on a regional levelWipada Kunaviktikul; Marisa Guptarak; Phanida Juntasopeepun
1-Jan-2022Thai Medical and Nursing Students: COVID-19 Fear Associated with Mental Health and Substance UseNuntaporn Karawekpanyawong; Surinporn Likhitsathian; Phanida Juntasopeepun; Alexander Reznik; Manit Srisurapanont; Richard Isralowitz
1-Jan-2020Transcending human frailties with technological enhancements and replacements: Transhumanist perspective in nursing and healthcareRozzano C. Locsin; Joseph Andrew Pepito; Phanida Juntasopeepun; Rose E. Constantino