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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Jan-2010Characteristics and shelf-life of Corn Milk YogurtPiyawan Supavititpatana; Tri Indrarini Wirjantoro; Patcharin Raviyan
1-Mar-2016Concentration of eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA) and docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) of Asian catfish oil by urea complexation: Optimization of reaction conditionsPornpisanu Thammapat; Sirithon Siriamornpun; Patcharin Raviyan
1-May-2019Effect of chemical degumming process on physicochemical properties of red palm oilMayuree Chompoo; Nanthina Damrongwattanakool; Patcharin Raviyan
1-Jul-2009Effect of sodium caseinate and whey protein isolate fortification on the physical properties and microstructure of corn milk yogurtPiyawan Supavititpatana; Tri Indrarini Wirjantoro; Patcharin Raviyan
1-Jan-2018Modifying the properties of whey protein isolate edible film by incorporating palm oil and glycerolVachiraya Liaotrakoon; Patcharin Raviyan
1-Jul-2010Optimization of gelatin extraction from Thai fish panga (Pangasius bocourti sauvage) skinTrakul Prommajak; Patcharin Raviyan
2017Preliminary Study of Alkaline Pretreatment Effect on Carboxymethy Flour (CMF) from Chiang Mai University (CMU) Purple Rice PropertiesAnong Jainan; Aree Deenu; Srisuwan Naruenartwongsakul; Patcharin Raviyan; Jurmkwan sungsuwan; Suthaphat Kamthai
1-Jan-2019Properties of healthy oil formulated from red palm, rice bran and sesame oilsMayuree Chompoo; Nanthina Damrongwattanakool; Patcharin Raviyan
1-Sep-2010Proximate and fatty acids composition of the muscles and viscera of Asian catfish (Pangasius bocourti)Pornpisanu Thammapat; Patcharin Raviyan; Sirithon Siriamornpun