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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
8-Aug-2013Cervical pregnancy with massive bleeding after treatment with methotrexateUbol Saeng-Anan; Opas Sreshthaputra; Kornkanok Sukpan; Theera Tongsong
1-Oct-2007Clinical, endocrine and ultrasonographic features of polycystic ovary syndrome in Thai womenTeraporn Vutyavanich; Vorathep Khaniyao; Supreeya Wongtra-Ngan; Opas Sreshthaputra; Rungaroon Sreshthaputra; Waraporn Piromlertamorn
1-May-2009Closed-system solid surface vitrification versus slow programmable freezing of mouse 2-cell embryosTeraporn Vutyavanich; Opas Sreshthaputra; Waraporn Piromlertamorn; Siriporn Nunta
1-Sep-2021Comparison of effectiveness in endometriosis treatment and patient acceptability between intramuscular depot-medroxyprogesterone acetate and oral desogestrelPichavit Boonnum; Worashorn Lattiwongsakorn; Tawiwan Pantasri; Opas Sreshthaputra
1-Feb-2020Early prenatal detection of anterior uterine sacculation resulting from previous cesarean sectionsKuntharee Traisrisilp; Phenphan Bootchaingam; Opas Sreshthaputra; Theera Tongsong
24-Jan-2013Factors affecting pregnancy rates after microsurgical reversal of tubal sterilizationOpas Sreshthaputra; Rung Aroon Sreshthaputra; Teraporn Vutyavanich
1-Dec-2008Gender differences in infertility-related stress and the relationship between stress and social support in thai infertile couplesOpas Sreshthaputra; Rung Aroon Sreshthaputra; Teraporn Vutyavanich
1-Jan-2014Impact of hemostasis methods, electrocoagulation versus suture, in laparoscopic endometriotic cystectomy on the ovarian reserve: A randomized controlled trialChamnan Tanprasertkul; Sophapun Ekarattanawong; Opas Sreshthaputra; Teraporn Vutyavanich
1-Oct-2016Intrauterine adhesions: Causes and treatment outcomes among thai womenChanrit Pongpattanawut; Tawiwan Pantasri; Opas Sreshthaputra; Usanee Sanmee
1-Apr-2010Metabolic syndrome and insulin resistance in thai women with polycystic ovary syndromeTawiwan Pantasri; Teraporn Vutyavanich; Opas Sreshthaputra; Kasemsri Srisupundit; Waraporn Piromlertamorn
1-Jan-2022Pre-implantation genetic testing for Marfan syndrome using mini-sequencingSirivipa Piyamongkol; Krit Makonkawkeyoon; Vorasuk Shotelersuk; Opas Sreshthaputra; Tawiwan Pantasri; Rekwan Sittiwangkul; Theera Tongsong; Wirawit Piyamongkol
1-Jan-2015Recurrence of endometrioma following conservative ovarian endometrioma cystectomy: Laparoscopy versus laparotomyChamnan Tanprasertkul; Jayanton Patumanond; Sakol Manusook; Komsun Suwannarurk; Charintip Somprasit; Opas Sreshthaputra; Teeraporn Vutyavanich
1-Aug-2008Slow programmable and ultra-rapid freezing of human embryosTeraporn Vutyavanich; Opas Sreshthaputra; Suchada Mongkolchaipak; Supreeya Wongtra-Ngan; Waraporn Piromlertamorn