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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
28-Dec-2011E-Tourism curriculum design: Filling the gap between knowledge demand and supplyFu Jing; Nopasit Chakpitak; Paul Goldsmith; Antonio Mazza
1-Jan-2013EditorialJohn P.T. Mo; Napat Harnpornchai; Shuang Cang; Nopasit Chakpitak; Bernadette Sharp; Hongnian Yu
1-Jan-2014EditorialJohn P.T. Mo; Napat Harnpornchai; Shuang Cang; Nopasit Chakpitak; Bernadette Sharp; Hongnian Yu
1-Jan-2014The effectiveness of "Knowledge Management System" in research mentoring using knowledge engineeringPuangpet Sriwichai; Komsak Meksamoot; Nopasit Chakpitak; Keshav Dahal; Anchalee Jengjalean
28-Dec-2011Enhancing expert contribution in university business incubation: Case study of college of arts, media and technology new product development projectAcrapol Nimmolrat; Nopasit Chakpitak; Matteo M. Savino
1-Jan-2022Few-shot image generation based on contrastive meta-learning generative adversarial networkAniwat Phaphuangwittayakul; Fangli Ying; Yi Guo; Liting Zhou; Nopasit Chakpitak
1-Jan-2022Forest Protection by Fire Detection, Alarming, Messaging Through IoT, Blockchain, and Digital Technologies in Thailand Chiang Mai Forest RangeSiva Shankar Ramasamy; Naret Suyaroj; Nopasit Chakpitak
9-Nov-2012A framework for new product selection decision using analytic network process and knowledge managementRatapol Wudhikarn; Nopasit Chakpitak; Gilles Neubert
3-Aug-2011A framework to lead Thai SMEs to fit international business requirement: Case study of Solution Ceramic Co., Ltd., ThailandSoontarin Nupap; Nopasit Chakpitak; Pradorn Sureephong; Ridha Derrouiche; Gilles Neubert
1-May-2007Generator maintenance scheduling in power systems using metaheuristic-based hybrid approachesKeshav P. Dahal; Nopasit Chakpitak
May-2014Grower Maturity Model for Perishable Supply Chain Improvement Under Competitive EnvironmentAcrapol Nimmolrat; Nopasit Chakpitak; Tirapot Chandarasupsang); Atichart Hamchamchai); Anukul Tamprasirt); ชัชวาล เตละวาณิชย์; Chatchawal Telavanich
1-Jan-2015Higher education internationalization: The Erasmus-Mundus network added valueAbdelaziz Bouras; Nopasit Chakpitak; Sebti Foufou
1-Jan-2017Home Features and Assistive Technology for the Home-Bound Elderly in a Thai Suburban Community by Applying the International Classification of Functioning, Disability, and HealthSupawadee Putthinoi; Suchitporn Lersilp; Nopasit Chakpitak
1-Jan-2015Household reverse logistics analysis using the SCOR model to improve home safety of the elderly in the municipalitySupawadee Putthinoi; Komsak Meksamoot; Pitipong Yodmongkol; Nopasit Chakpitak
16-Feb-2018Human asset management at the end-of-life phasePiang Or Loahavilai; Nopasit Chakpitak; Thunyapom Jaimung
1-Jan-2016Impacts of e-learning on high school students: The role of conventional interactionAmarin Tawata; Pitipong Yodmongkol; Nopasit Chakpitak; Pradon Sureephong
1-Jun-2013Improving intellectual capital model using analytic network processRatapol Wudhikarn; Nopasit Chakpitak; Pitipong Yodmongkol
1-Jan-2014Improving the performance of locally recruited Thai employees in a German software companyNipawan Mantalay; Nopasit Chakpitak
1-Dec-2020Improving the strategic benchmarking of intellectual capital management in logistics service providersRatapol Wudhikarn; Nopasit Chakpitak; Gilles Neubert
16-Jan-2013Knowledge and data engineering: Fuzzy approach and genetic algorithms for clustering β-Thalassemia of knowledge based diagnosis decision support systemPatcharaporn Paokanta; Napat Harnpornchai; Nopasit Chakpitak; Somdet Srichairatanakool; Michele Ceccarelli