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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Jan-2013An ion beam deceleration lens for ultra-low-energy ion bombardment of naked DNAP. Thopan; K. Prakrajang; P. Thongkumkoon; D. Suwannakachorn; L. D. Yu
1-Jan-2013Is low-energy-ion bombardment generated X-ray emission a secondary mutational source to ion-beam-induced genetic mutation?P. Thongkumkoon; K. Prakrajang; P. Thopan; C. Yaopromsiri; D. Suwannakachorn; L. D. Yu
15-Dec-2015Measurement of ultra-low ion energy of decelerated ion beam using a deflecting electric fieldP. Thopan; D. Suwannakachorn; U. Tippawan; L. D. Yu
1-Jan-2014Measurement of ultra-low ion-beam energyP. Thopan; D. Suwannakachorn; S. Singkarat; L. D. Yu
15-Dec-2011Modification of a pulsed 14-MeV fast neutron generator to a medium-energy ion accelerator for TOF-RBS applicationP. Junphong; D. Suwannakachorn; L. D. Yu; S. Singkarat
25-Aug-2013PIII-induced enhancement and inhibition of human cell attachment on chitosan membranesK. Inthanon; N. Saranwong; W. Wongkham; P. Wanichapichart; K. Prakrajang; D. Suwannakachorn; L. D. Yu
15-Dec-2015A simple ion implanter for material modifications in agriculture and gemmologyS. Singkarat; A. Wijaikhum; D. Suwannakachorn; U. Tippawan; S. Intarasiri; D. Bootkul; B. Phanchaisri; J. Techarung; M. W. Rhodes; R. Suwankosum; S. Rattanarin; L. D. Yu
1-Jan-2006System development of a time-of-flight spectrometer for surface analysis of materialsP. Junphong; V. Ano; S. Rattanarin; D. Suwannakachorn; T. Vilaithong; A. Takahashi
1-Dec-2005The system of nanosecond 280-keV-He+ pulsed beamP. Junphong; V. Ano; N. Thongnopparat; B. Lekprasert; D. Suwannakachorn; T. Vilaithong; H. Wiedemann
1-May-2014Ultra-low-energy (&lt;10 eV/u) ion beam bombardment effect on naked DNAP. Thopan; P. Thongkumkoon; K. Prakrajang; D. Suwannakachorn; L. D. Yu