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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
25-Aug-2013Plasma polymerization of hexamethyldisiloxane: Investigation of the effect of carrier gas related to the film propertiesC. Chaiwong; P. Rachtanapun; S. Sarapirom; D. Boonyawan
31-Oct-2017Qualifying ultrathin alumina film prepared by plasma-enhance atomic layer deposition under low temperature operationD. Bootkul; P. Jitsopakul; S. Intarasiri; D. Boonyawan
15-Jun-2009Recent development in surface modification of industrial materials by ion beams and plasma at Chiang Mai UniversityL. D. Yu; S. Aukkaravittayapun; D. Boonyawan; S. Sarapirom; T. Vilaithong
15-Sep-2020Redeposition-free of silicon etching by CF<inf>4</inf> microwave plasma in a medium vacuum process regimeC. Pakpum; D. Boonyawan
15-Jun-2009A self-DLC coated cathode plasma sourceA. Deachana; D. Boonyawan; B. Yodsombat
29-Jan-2010Sulfur hexafluoride plasma surface modification of Gly-Ala and Ala-Gly as Bombyx mori silk model compounds: Mechanism investigationsW. Sangprasert; V. S. Lee; D. Boonyawan; K. Tashiro; P. Nimmanpipug
30-Aug-2008Surface analysis of hydrophobicity of Thai silk treated by SF6 plasmaP. Suanpoot; K. Kueseng; S. Ortmann; R. Kaufmann; C. Umongno; P. Nimmanpipug; D. Boonyawan; T. Vilaithong
1-Dec-2019Synthesis and characterization of multi-wall carbon nanotubes/DLC incorporated composites as electrode materials for supercapacitorC. Suttichart; D. Boonyawan; W. Nhuapeng; W. Thamjaree