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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Jan-2017Occurrence and HAT-RAPD analysis of gastrointestinal helminths in domestic chickens (Gallus gallus domesticus) in Phayao province, northern ThailandPreeyaporn Butboonchoo; Chalobol Wongsawad
1-Feb-2013Occurrence and molecular identification of liver and minute intestinal Flukes Metacercariae in freshwater fish from fang-Mae Ai agricultural basin, Chiang Mai province, ThailandChalobol Wongsawad; Pheravut Wongsawad; Somboon Anuntalabhochai; Jong Yil Chai; Kom Sukontason
1-Jun-2008The occurrence of heterophyid metacercariae in freshwater fish from reservoirsChoosak Nithikathkul; Chalobol Wongsawad
1-Oct-2012Opisthorchis viverrini and Haplorchis taichui: Development of a multiplex PCR assay for their detection and differentiation using specific primers derived from HAT-RAPDChalobol Wongsawad; Pheravut Wongsawad
1-Apr-2009Opisthorchis viverrini infection in minute intestinal fluke endemic areas of Chiang Mai Province, ThailandChoosak Nithikathkul; Wilawan Pumidonming; Supaporn Wannapinyosheep; Smarn Tesana; Surachet Chaiprapathong; Chalobol Wongsawad
1-Feb-2017Phylogenetic analysis reveals cryptic species diversity within minute intestinal fluke, Stellantchasmus falcatus Onji and Nishio, 1916 (Trematoda, Heterophyidae)Chalobol Wongsawad; Nattawadee Nantarat; Pheravut Wongsawad
1-Jan-2017The pleurophocercous cercariae infection in snail Family Thiaridae Grey, 1847 Northern, ThailandThapana Chontananarth; Chalobol Wongsawad
1-Jan-2015Potential impact of climatic change on medicinal plants used in the Karen women’s health care in Northern ThailandKornkanok Tangjitman; Chusie Trisonthi; Chalobol Wongsawad; Sarun Jitaree; Jens Christian Svenning
1-Aug-2017Prevalence of centrocestus formosanus metacercariae in ornamental fish from Chiang Mai, Thailand, with molecular approach using ITS2Atcharaphan Wanlop; Chalobol Wongsawad; Pongphol Prattapong; Pheravut Wongsawad; Thapana Chontananarth; Jong Yil Chai
1-Dec-2008Prevalence of Haplorchis taichui and Haplorchoides sp. metacercariae in freshwater fish from water reservoirs, Chiang Mai, ThailandChoosak Nithikathkul; Chalobol Wongsawad
1-Dec-2010Prevalence of Haplorchis taichui in field-collected snails: A molecular approachThapana Chontananarth; Chalobol Wongsawad
1-Mar-2014Prevalence of infection and molecular confirmation by using ITS-2 region of Fasciola gigantica found in domestic cattle from Chiang Mai province, ThailandAnawat Phalee; Chalobol Wongsawad
1-Jan-2011Seasonal variation of metacercariae in cyprinoid fish from Kwae Noi Bamroongdan Dam, Phitsanulok province, Northern ThailandWaraporn Noikong; Chalobol Wongsawad; Anawat Phalee
1-Dec-2005Some factors affecting Stellantchasmus falcatus metacercaria in laboratory.Chalobol Wongsawad; Siriwan Kawin; Pheravut Wongsawad; Thipmani Paratasilpin
1-Dec-2005Survival of Haplorchis taichui metacercariae in Lab-Pla, Thai traditional food preparation.Suksan Chuboon; Chalobol Wongsawad; Archaree Ruamsuk; Chusak Nithikathkul
28-Oct-2013Traditional knowledge on medicinal plant of the Karen in northern Thailand: A comparative studyKornkanok Tangjitman; Chalobol Wongsawad; Piyawan Winijchaiyanan; Treetip Sukkho; Kaweesin Kamwong; Wittaya Pongamornkul; Chusie Trisonthi
1-Oct-2011Two New Sibling Species of Procamallanus (Spirocamallanus) (Nematoda: Camallanidae) from Marine Fishes in the Gulf of ThailandThanapon Yooyen; František Moravec; Chalobol Wongsawad
2-Feb-2011Two new species of Cucullanus Müller, 1777 (Nematoda: Cucullanidae) from marine fishes off ThailandThanapon Yooyen; František Moravec; Chalobol Wongsawad
12-Apr-2007Utivarachna rama sp. n., a new species of tracheline spiders (Araneae: Corinnidae) from ThailandThanaphum Chami-Kranon; Natdanai Likhitrakarn; Chalobol Wongsawad