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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
15-May-2018Seasonal variation in grain yield and quality in different rice varietiesSuwannee Laenoi; Benjavan Rerkasem; Sittichai Lordkaew; Chanakan Prom-u-thai
1-Jan-2020Silicon application improves caryopsis development and yield in riceNanthana Chaiwong; Benjavan Rerkasem; Tonapha Pusadee; Chanakan Prom-u-thai
1-Jul-2019Silicon concentration and expression of silicon transport genes in two Thai rice varietiesBenjamaporn Wangkaew; Chanakan Thebault Prom-u-thai; Sansanee Jamjod; Benjavan Rerkasem; Tonapha Pusadee
1-Jan-2018Silicon nutrition and distribution in plants of different Thai rice varietiesNanthana Chaiwong; Sittichai Lordkaew; Narit Yimyam; Benjavan Rerkasem; Chanakan Prom-u-thai
1-Mar-2018Stability of anthocyanin content and antioxidant capacity among local thai purple rice genotypes in different storage conditionsSupaporn Yamuangmorn; Bernard Dell; Benjavan Rerkasem; Chanakan Prom-u-Thai
2018Stability of Anthocyanin Content and Antioxidant Capacity Among Local Thai Purple Rice Genotypes in Different Storage ConditionsSupaporn Yamuangmorn; Bernard Dell; Benjavan Rerkasem; Chanakan Prom-u-thai
10-Oct-2005A survey of woody tropical species for boron retranslocationSawika Konsaeng; Bernard Dell; Benjavan Rerkasem
10-Oct-2005Transforming subsistence cropping in AsiaBenjavan Rerkasem
1-Jan-2014Uneven distribution of zinc in the dorsal and ventral sections of rice grainPennapa Jaksomsak; Preeyaporn Sangruan; Gordon Thomson; Benjavan Rerkasem; Bernard Dell; Chanakan Prom-U-Thai
1-Jan-2017Untapped endophytic colonization and plant growth-promoting potential of the genus Novosphingobium to optimize rice cultivationChakrapong Rangjaroen; Rungroch Sungthong; Benjavan Rerkasem; Neung Teaumroong; Rujirek Noisangiam; Saisamorn Lumyong
1-Mar-2018Variation in Grain Quality of Upland Rice from Luang Prabang Province, Lao PDRVua Xiongsiyee; Benjavan Rerkasem; Jeeraporn Veeradittakit; Chorpet Saenchai; Sittichai Lordkaew; Chanakan Thebault Prom-u-thai
1-Jan-2020Variation in nutritional quality of pigmented rice varieties under different water regimesPennapa Jaksomsak; Benjavan Rerkasem; Chanakan Prom-U-Thai
1-Apr-2018Variation of floral traits in Thai rice germplasm (Oryza sativa)Saran Khumto; Thitinan Sreethong; Tonapha Pusadee; Benjavan Rerkasem; Sansanee Jamjod
1-Nov-2007Variation of grain iron content in a local upland rice germplasm from the village of Huai Tee Cha in northern ThailandSaicum Pintasen; Chanakan Prom-u-Thai; Sansanee Jamjod; Narit Yimyam; Benjavan Rerkasem
1-Dec-2015Variation of grain nutritional quality among Thai purple rice genotypes grown at two different altitudesBenjavan Rerkasem; Suchada Jumrus; Narit Yimyam; Chanakan Prom-u-Thai
14-Aug-2015Variation of seed zinc in a local upland rice germplasm from ThailandPennapa Jaksomsak; Narit Yimyam; Bernard Dell; Chanakan Prom-U-Thai; Benjavan Rerkasem
1-Jan-2016Variation of zinc concentration in rice caryopsis and husk among southern rice varieties grown in southern and northern ThailandNantiya Panomjan; Sansanee Jamjod; Benjavan Rerkasem; Bernard Dell; Chanakan Prom-u-thai
1-Jun-2012Zinc priming promotes seed germination and seedling vigor of riceChanakan Prom-U-Thai; Benjavan Rerkasem; Atilla Yazici; Ismail Cakmak